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  1. Wanted to do some ribs on the grill this weekend.  When I went to the market, pork baby back ribs were insanely priced.  I picked up a cryovac package of two racks of beef back ribs for less than a single rack of the pork baby backs....  I have done short ribs a few times, but this is the first time I have done these and was expecting about 5-6 hours, but they finished in 3 (250F with cherry wood smoke).  Wrapped them in foil, in a towel, in a cooler and kept them warm for a few hours until it was closer to dinner time.  They turned out really well and I definitely grab them again.  Enjoy your day.



  2. I like running the deflector on a grate sitting on top of the fire ring and cooking at felt level.  Since mine is split, i often use either a 13"  or 15" pizza stone on top of the split deflector stones.  I use 3/4" copper T pieces to separate the stones.  I mostly do this because the bottom of my food was getting overdone along the split in the amount of time it took for the cook to finish.  I don't have a seperate pic of the stone set up, but you can see it in the cooks below.  There are many different paths that will all yield the same result once you dial in your technique using them.  Have fun.





  3. Thanks.  Only one grocery near me has them, but their company policy dictates they are cut into pieces.  Asking the butcher normally nets me a pretty nice rack.  I was planning on having them for dinner, but they ended up taking close to 8 hours to finish up.  I think the plan tomorrow will be grilled short rib sandwiches with caramelized onions and Gouda.

  4. 7 hours ago, dman said:

    That picture is certainly not Oxford Mississippi! Looks like a sci-fi or apocalyptic movie scene. I use cotton balls soaked in alcohol for starters and keep them in an old pickle jar. No melting or sticking together there. :)

    This is my solution as well but not a pickle jar. They work well and are less expensive than the weber cubes.

  5. On 6/17/2020 at 5:15 PM, tonydp said:

    Just remember if you cook anything in liquid it won't be even.  When I do muscles I put scrap wood under mine to level it up

    I cook on my driveway which is sloped and roll it back into the garage when I am finished and it is cool.


    The casters are plenty strong, like Tony,  I shim mine to keep it level when braising or a more liquid cook.  My shim is a piece of 1x screwed to the edge of some scrap plywood.  With most of my cooks it isn't an issue.


    Give it a shot and if it is beyond your comfort zone, then deal with it at that point.



  6. 8 hours ago, kamababy said:



    I am trying to find a griddle that will fit my Joe Junior. I was eyeballing the one in the link. Anyone tried it? Does it fit?




    Thanks in advance.

    The raised outwardly pointing handles are most likely a problem with the pan fitting the inward sloping dome.  Not on the junior, but I had the same problem on my classic with a carbon steel pan.  It would fit on the grill but I could not close the lid. 


    Why not something like this?




  7. Howdy.  It has been a while since I checked in, but I am still using the grill when I get a chance.  Last weekend I saw a nice rack of spare ribs at the market and decided to grab them.  I just used an ad-hoc rub with stuff in the cabinet and smoked them with cherry and beech for just under 7 hours at roughly 240F.  I wrapped them for about 45 minutes once they hit the stall and then finished on the grate.  Here they are about ready to be pulled.   Today I ground the trimmings and made a nice pot of chili.  Thanks for looking.



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