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  1. Sometimes, if what I am doing takes too long, I close it for a bit to calm things down before opening it again to finish what I was doing. By the way, I commuted on the R5 daily to North Wales for about two years back in the dark ages right after I graduated. I loved living in South Philly and near Sarcones and visiting Sonny at D'Angelo's butcher shop. Sadly the butcher shop is closed now and I'm 90 minutes north....
  2. Phew. I am glad you were talking about food @KismetKamado(food looks great btw). The last time I visited Wyoming, the cowboy took a shotgun blast to the face and I knew they meant business....
  3. Super nice. I would be tempted to put a liner in it and make that a water fall with some water lilies.
  4. Grilled on Rye with spicy mustard for me please. Looks killer.
  5. Thanks. I wish I could take credit for the picture, but it was my phone making me look good. I wish I had some photography skills.
  6. The Weber kettle can put out some fantastic chicken too. I would use whatever works best for you. Grilling should be about good food and fun. There are many ways to get there.
  7. That happens to me regularly. For Christmas the local market marks the roasts down to $5.77 a pound from about $12 and with the shopper club coupon I got an extra dollar a pound off. I mostly eat chicken or pork as it is much more affordable. When there is a sale, I try to make the best of it.
  8. I wouldn't look at stainless as a drawback. I love cast iron but not for grill grates. I would never give up my Dutch oven or skillets, but I am over uncoated cast iron grates. Yes they make nice sear marks, but they also rust and can easily lose seasoning if cooked too hot. If you want to see how the closed one reacts, you can just sit a cast iron skillet on your grill and cook in that. I have done steaks that way as well. If you want a cast iron grate, I would get the open one and use it when the situation dictates.
  9. Off topic, but you make some beautiful boots. Nicely done.
  10. Each step looks great. I really need to use my cast iron on the grill more. I love what it does for steaks.
  11. With all the beef sales for Christmas, I picked up a roast ($4.77/lb) and asked the butcher to cut it into roughly 2" inch steaks. I have two vacuum packed in the freezer. This one was just under 2 lbs. I seasoned it with salt and pepper and cooked direct about 450F. The flames weren't that high during the cook. They flared up when i opened the lid for a pic. It turned out really well. I served it with roasted red potatoes and steamed broccoli. Thanks for looking.
  12. That looks great. I hope to find a tri tip here sometime for a reasonable price.
  13. I agree with ckreef. I have a KAB in my KJ Classic without the base plate (it was cracked and broke into pieces) and I had to modify my starting technique as well. I use less cotton balls to start it and close it down earlier with tighter vent settings. I also try to keep the lid closed as much as possible during the cook. As much as I like to check progress, the added air/fuel for the fire normally results in a bump in temperature. My longest cook recently was a rack of St Louis cut ribs and I had plenty of charcoal left afterwards. If you like the convenience of the KAB, modify your technique a little and you will be right back on track.
  14. I overcooked a few nice pieces of meat this way. I normally reserve the reverse sear for 2" or better chops / steaks. For beef, I also pull sooner between 100 and 105F IT as they keep cooking while waiting for the grill to get to searing temps.
  15. Grilled tenderloin topped with some stinky blue and balsamic onions, served with seared snap peas and grape tomatoes, roast garlic mashed, and a balsamic reduction sauce. It is fairly quick and super tasty plate.
  16. The Akorn Jr. still weighs 40 pounds. I have a couple Junior sized kamados (KJ, Primo, Akorn) and when I travel I take a Weber Jumbo Joe. I picked it up at an end of year sale for about $40. It weighs about 20 lbs, has an 18" grill surface, and is much more tolerant of bumps and bruises that come with traveling.
  17. I am not sure how I got in the habit, but I have been running two deflectors separated by a couple copper T pieces. The bottom one is the split KJ deflector plates. The one on top is a 13" Primo pizza stone that I had here. It really seems to cut down on having the bottom burnt and provides a nice even cooking temp. I don't have a pic of it alone, but here is a recent cook where I captured the placement. (Excuse the grubby grill)
  18. Thanks.Do you flip it during the cooking process or leave it put?
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