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  1. I don't use the extended racks that much, but using one of them, I was able to fit 5 Chicken Leg Quarters and my Lodge 2 Qt Dutch Oven on at the same time. There is a fair amount of room on that grill.
  2. I've used it to make Cuban sandwiches before and they were fantastic.
  3. In the little cast iron thing from BBQrsDelight. I bought a used Primo Oval Junior off Craig's List last year as the guy was moving cross country. He threw in about 10 assorted bags of the pellets and the list CI smoking box. I don't use it a ton, but it provides a nice clean smoke and works well within its limits.
  4. Looks great. Fittingly bad pun.... I always stay away from enameled CI as I know mine wouldn't be anyway near as spotless.
  5. Did you have any left over smoking wood from a previous cook that might have caused an issue? How did you start the grill and how long did you let it heat soak before putting the food on? It looks great and I am going to need to invest in one of those pans with the two loop handles. My current CI skillets are all older and I just cant bring myself lop off the handle.
  6. I have been busy juggling life / work etc and haven't been cooking much. Yesterday, I took some time and smoked meatballs. I smoked at 275F for about 45 minutes using savory herb pellets (oak, rosemary, oregano, and thyme). From there, I added some tomato sauce, the meatballs, and cheese to a cast iron skilled, covered and braised for about 30 minutes. Made garlic bread and served with a side salad. Sorry for the lack of pics. It started raining again and I was only able to snap this one....
  7. Nice Cook. Rice vinegar is probably my favorite to use. Are you allowed to stay in Texas if you bbq something other than beef?
  8. I have a 12" kiln shelf that I stack on top of my split deflectors separated by a couple copper T pieces. It definitely helps when baking and I think I get more evenly cooked food.
  9. Nice. I like that basket. I have the KA as well and won't be buying one, but it looks nice. Congrats.
  10. A parking spot for fat guys that like to bbq...
  11. Nice. I look forward to updates. What wood are you using for smoke?
  12. Hello - You have lots of questions, I will answer what I can. Plenty of experienced people here should chime in shortly. Lighting - I have an 18" kamado and if going low and slow, I take about 45 minutes to bring the ceramic grill up to temp. I also like to heat soak it if I have the time. Hot and fast, searing of a steak, roasting chicken etc, it only takes about 15 minutes to be ready. My method of choice is an alcohol soaked cotton ball. Maintaining 225F - In my opinion, most of the problem maintaining 225F is user error. The kamado is an oxygen deprived env
  13. That looks great. If you are a Franks fan, give the dry rub a try.
  14. You really can't ask for more than that.
  15. Nicely done. The junior can do a lot. Have fun with it.
  16. Nicely done. I enjoy baking on the kamado, but I haven't done cookies yet. I will need to give them a shot soon.
  17. Those vent settings should work. Sounds like you have too much charcoal burning. It could be from using too many starters, taking a bit too long before shutting it down, an air leak, or opening the lid and looking too often or a number of other things. Good luck sorting it.
  18. Once you learn your grill, there is very little difference getting either one to temp and holding it for the duration.
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