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  1. Thanks Everyone. They were tasty and make me wonder why I dont do ribs more often. I still have some of the glaze for lack of a better term in the fridge and haven't quite figured out what to do with it yet.
  2. They look tasty. I haven't these yet, only the short ribs, I will need to give them a try at some point.
  3. I felt like trying something different than the normal prep for ribs. I marinated a rack of St. Louis cut pork ribs for a couple days in a mixture of Walker's Wood Jerk Paste, Orange and Pineapple juices, and a touch of oil. The grill got away from a little bit and these smoked between 250 and 300 F today. It was 2 hours open with a mix of cherry, apple, and beech wood. Followed by 45 minutes wrapped, and about the same open to finish. I reserved the marinade added some catsup, brown sugar, maple sugar, and a bit of dark rice wine vinegar. brought to a boil until slightly thickened then basted the ribs on my final step. Overall, they turned out better than expected, tasty and tender. The one got a little hot near the edge of the deflector, but it was minor. Thanks for looking.
  4. Doing well. Too bad abut the pics. How were the ribs?
  5. I just figured out the magic eraser trick recently. It works great.
  6. Thanks Everyone. It was a nice bird. Here are a few more chicken cooks from last week. Cherry smoked and sauced chicken thighs with a pot of baked beans. These beans took forever and a day to cook. I ended up putting them in my slow cooker and having them the next day. A nice 3lb bird with some salt, pepper, and a touch of pecan smoke with some roast potatoes. Unfortunately, I didn't have the string on well enough and it came off mid cook. It is much easier to handle with the legs trussed. Thanks for looking.
  7. I completely understand. Not much pitch to my driveway. I have been happy keeping the KJ18 in the garage. It is nice to be able to step out of the weather and also put the grill away once cool. I wouldn't want to roll the KK out and in. It is heavy and I would be crushed if it broke.
  8. Congrats on getting it out of the garage. Enjoy.
  9. I kept things simple tonight. I butterflied and salted the bird before work this morning and left it uncovered in the fridge. When I got home, I blotted it dry and seasoned with salt and pepper. Cooked raised indirect (275-325F during the cook) with some cherry wood until the breast hit 155F. Total cook time was just short of 2 hours. Super tasty. Thanks for looking.
  10. I don't use the extended racks that much, but using one of them, I was able to fit 5 Chicken Leg Quarters and my Lodge 2 Qt Dutch Oven on at the same time. There is a fair amount of room on that grill.
  11. I've used it to make Cuban sandwiches before and they were fantastic.
  12. In the little cast iron thing from BBQrsDelight. I bought a used Primo Oval Junior off Craig's List last year as the guy was moving cross country. He threw in about 10 assorted bags of the pellets and the list CI smoking box. I don't use it a ton, but it provides a nice clean smoke and works well within its limits.
  13. Looks great. Fittingly bad pun.... I always stay away from enameled CI as I know mine wouldn't be anyway near as spotless.
  14. Did you have any left over smoking wood from a previous cook that might have caused an issue? How did you start the grill and how long did you let it heat soak before putting the food on? It looks great and I am going to need to invest in one of those pans with the two loop handles. My current CI skillets are all older and I just cant bring myself lop off the handle.
  15. I have been busy juggling life / work etc and haven't been cooking much. Yesterday, I took some time and smoked meatballs. I smoked at 275F for about 45 minutes using savory herb pellets (oak, rosemary, oregano, and thyme). From there, I added some tomato sauce, the meatballs, and cheese to a cast iron skilled, covered and braised for about 30 minutes. Made garlic bread and served with a side salad. Sorry for the lack of pics. It started raining again and I was only able to snap this one....
  16. Nice Cook. Rice vinegar is probably my favorite to use. Are you allowed to stay in Texas if you bbq something other than beef?
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