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  1. I have a 12" kiln shelf that I stack on top of my split deflectors separated by a couple copper T pieces. It definitely helps when baking and I think I get more evenly cooked food.
  2. Nice. I like that basket. I have the KA as well and won't be buying one, but it looks nice. Congrats.
  3. A parking spot for fat guys that like to bbq...
  4. Nice. I look forward to updates. What wood are you using for smoke?
  5. Hello - You have lots of questions, I will answer what I can. Plenty of experienced people here should chime in shortly. Lighting - I have an 18" kamado and if going low and slow, I take about 45 minutes to bring the ceramic grill up to temp. I also like to heat soak it if I have the time. Hot and fast, searing of a steak, roasting chicken etc, it only takes about 15 minutes to be ready. My method of choice is an alcohol soaked cotton ball. Maintaining 225F - In my opinion, most of the problem maintaining 225F is user error. The kamado is an oxygen deprived environment and having too much charcoal burning at once is normally from not closing it down soon enough when lighting or opening the lid too often. The extra oxygen really fuels the fire and it can scoot up in a hurry. Most of my low and slow cooks are in the 250-275F range. Time - My grill is classic sized not the big joe, but I have done 12 hour cooks and had a lot of charcoal left over. To be honest, I haven't used briquettes since I got the kamado. I use Royal Oak lump and don't see 16+ hours being an issue with well managed vents. I've never had the need to go any longer. Drip Pan - Some are more fussy about their grills, but the only time I use a drip pan is with pork belly. That renders entirely too much fat. I have had my deflector catch on fire when opening the grill to check progress. With butts and ribs, I haven't noticed any issue. My clean up method is to turn the deflector upside down and burn the crap off that side during my next cook. Once a month or so, I will clean the kamado after a higher temp cook by bringing it to 550F for about an hour then shutting it down (no deflector plates). I scrub the inside with a bit of balled up alu foil to get the loose stuff off, Im sure I skipped some stuff, but hope this helps some. There are a number of different ways to get to the same destination and this is just what works for me. Have fun.
  6. That looks great. If you are a Franks fan, give the dry rub a try.
  7. You really can't ask for more than that.
  8. Nicely done. The junior can do a lot. Have fun with it.
  9. Nicely done. I enjoy baking on the kamado, but I haven't done cookies yet. I will need to give them a shot soon.
  10. Those vent settings should work. Sounds like you have too much charcoal burning. It could be from using too many starters, taking a bit too long before shutting it down, an air leak, or opening the lid and looking too often or a number of other things. Good luck sorting it.
  11. Once you learn your grill, there is very little difference getting either one to temp and holding it for the duration.
  12. I notice a difference in scent, not taste. Smoke tastes like smoke to me. I only have a couple woods on hand here (beech, wild cherry, apple, and peach).
  13. The only time when I stayed really low was using an Amazen tube to smoke some cheese one winter and that was only for about 90 minutes.. I can't think of a time when I had tried to deliberately go below 225F. Most times I stabilize somewhere around 250F, add the wood, then the protein.
  14. I would do the burgers and veggies first somewhere around 400-450F raised. For burgers, cook to a temp, not a time. I;ve never noticed the number of flips to make a difference. I normally end up moving them around and flipping a fair bunch to avoid hot spots and try to make them all finished nicely. With veggies, I just hit them with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. I do them right on the grate around the edges away from the highest heat. I want them to finish cooking before being burnt to a crisp. The steak I would do last. After pulling the last of the burgers and veggies, open up the vents a little and go anywhere 450-550F, put the grate in the lower position and have at it. You can do a lot with little grills, sometimes it takes just a bit of creativity. Have fun.
  15. Nice. It has been a while since I made rice and beans. I really like that your pot is experienced looking. It means that lots of good meals were cooked in it and made people happy.
  16. Whoa. You were busy. Fresh bread and sausage... whats not to like?
  17. @KismetKamado I like Wyoming, but it is a little to metropolitan for my tastes. Actually, I had a good time visiting the last time I was through. I will need to dig up the pic I took, but using a shotgun, a well mannered individual took the head off the cowboy in the welcome to Wyoming sign. I'm glad you are enjoying the grilled citrus.
  18. There are just my thoughts. There are any number of ways to get excellent results. I buy leg quarters all the time and break them down. I love doing boneless thighs. It isn't hard to do, but a boning knife helps and it takes some practice. I found it easiest to remove the backbone, then separate the leg and thigh. If you don't remove that, the drumstick will cook much faster than the thigh. If you want to fancy up the presentation, you can french the drumsticks and make lollipops. If using a meat probe, I would probably stick it in the thigh. 325F will work, but you won't have very crispy skin at that temp. If you want crispy go a little hotter. Also, be careful with the amount of wood you add. 1 decent chunk should be enough. Poultry can really soak up the smoke. I normally don't brine or spritz chicken, but that is just personal preference. If I want some smoke on it, I toss a small chunk of wood on when the grill gets to about 250 and add the food then. I let it smoke while the grill comes up to 400F and I roast it there until about 165F internal temp. I like the texture a little better when cooked at a higher temp. Have fun and enjoy the cook. Kamados do wonderful things to chicken.
  19. I was confused. I looked up this thread in the past and used the idea. I forget where I got the Mojo Criollo recipe. I didn't use the bottled mojo sauce.
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