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  1. I notice a difference in scent, not taste. Smoke tastes like smoke to me. I only have a couple woods on hand here (beech, wild cherry, apple, and peach).
  2. The only time when I stayed really low was using an Amazen tube to smoke some cheese one winter and that was only for about 90 minutes.. I can't think of a time when I had tried to deliberately go below 225F. Most times I stabilize somewhere around 250F, add the wood, then the protein.
  3. I would do the burgers and veggies first somewhere around 400-450F raised. For burgers, cook to a temp, not a time. I;ve never noticed the number of flips to make a difference. I normally end up moving them around and flipping a fair bunch to avoid hot spots and try to make them all finished nicely. With veggies, I just hit them with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. I do them right on the grate around the edges away from the highest heat. I want them to finish cooking before being burnt to a crisp. The steak I would do last. After pulling the last of the burgers and veggies, open up
  4. Nice. It has been a while since I made rice and beans. I really like that your pot is experienced looking. It means that lots of good meals were cooked in it and made people happy.
  5. Whoa. You were busy. Fresh bread and sausage... whats not to like?
  6. @KismetKamado I like Wyoming, but it is a little to metropolitan for my tastes. Actually, I had a good time visiting the last time I was through. I will need to dig up the pic I took, but using a shotgun, a well mannered individual took the head off the cowboy in the welcome to Wyoming sign. I'm glad you are enjoying the grilled citrus.
  7. There are just my thoughts. There are any number of ways to get excellent results. I buy leg quarters all the time and break them down. I love doing boneless thighs. It isn't hard to do, but a boning knife helps and it takes some practice. I found it easiest to remove the backbone, then separate the leg and thigh. If you don't remove that, the drumstick will cook much faster than the thigh. If you want to fancy up the presentation, you can french the drumsticks and make lollipops. If using a meat probe, I would probably stick it in the thigh. 325F will work, bu
  8. I was confused. I looked up this thread in the past and used the idea. I forget where I got the Mojo Criollo recipe. I didn't use the bottled mojo sauce.
  9. Nice bird. Congrats on the new grill too. As an aside, I have used your Mojo recipe a few times on pork and chicken and it is really tasty.
  10. @TKOBBQ Very nice. Much more detailed than I could reply tonight. ****** Here's one I did a while ago that came out very well. It is a little smaller.
  11. Thanks. I actually started the process yesterday. It seemed like the logical next step.
  12. The food looks great. Does it take much effort to keep the starter alive and viable?
  13. Thanks. I am definitely making some progress. It does take some time, but it is spread out. For this loaf I spent about 5 minutes Saturday evening and mixed the preferment. Saturday morning about 6AM was 20-30 minutes for mixing the dough before the bulk ferment. A few hours later, I spent 10 minutes forming the loaf and proofed while the oven preheated. Baking was about 45 minutes. I've been doing a bunch of work around the house, so baking bread or other fun cooks ease pain of not being out doing something fun. Good luck giving it a shot.
  14. @AntinOz Thanks. It has been fun so far. Once the starter is ready in a few weeks, then the fun really begins.
  15. @Rob_grill_apprentice Thanks. ******* Here's a pic of the inside...
  16. Hah. I was planning on doing a steak on Jr tonight, but went full speed ahead when the french toast motivation hit me. Sloppy, sticky, and delicious... Definitely a once in a while type treat.
  17. Thanks. I used some of it to make French Toast with caramelized bananas for dinner tonight. Yum... I will definitely make this again..
  18. My bread making journey continues. Things are starting to make sense and I am figuring processes out. After this work project goes live in 12 days, I will have time to mess with a natural yeast starter but not yet. Today was the same base loaf that I have been using for the cinnamon raisin bread recently, but with different add-ins. Last night I made the starter with whole wheat flour, yeast, and water. This morning, I finished the dough with AP flour, salt, and water. After mixing for a minute, I added in the cherries and pecans (both pre-soaked) and the chocolate chips. It had a 3 hour
  19. I have the Kamado Joe Jr and have used it a lot. I have smoked, grilled, roasted, and baked (bread, pizza, and sweets) on it. A grill that size is easily capable of cooking for two people but you sometimes need to be creative. If you enjoy roasting vegetables / side dishes along with the main protein, it will be a tight fit, but can be done. If you have room for more than the small grill without using all of your space, I would look at something larger.with roughly 4,5 dm grid diameter. I also have a KJ Classic and it is just easier and more convenient to use (if you have the s
  20. Thank you for the nice words.... Mostly I give it too friends, neighbors, co-workers, random people on the street (It hasn't gotten that bad yet).... I've been keeping a quarter to a half a loaf depending on the size from each batch. Aside from what I posted, there are more loaves. Most of the batches I have made trying to figure this out were enough for two loaves between a 1 and 1.5 pounds each. That is entirely too much bread for me to eat without being 400lbs, but I have really been enjoying the process and it is nice to share when possible. I encourage you to give it a tr
  21. That looks tasty. Nicely done. I also love the crunch of iceberg.
  22. Thanks. If I am able to do this, I am sure that you would be able to knock it out of the park in no time at all. If I were closer, I would drop off a loaf for you.. I have been baking in a Dutch Oven heat soaked at 475F for about 45 minutes. Baking with lid on for 20 to 30 minutes, then another 10 to 20 minutes with the lid removed. Unfortunately, I only captured a terrible picture of this loaf, but it turned out fantastically. It was the cinnamon raisin loaf from the Josey Baker book and was super tasty. Progress....
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