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  1. I have a KJ Classic with the divide and conquer system and really enjoy the flexibility of the rig. One shortcoming is that when using the deflector, I still get hot spots along the center where the two halves meet. I know this is a limitation of the split deflector. I was using a pizza stone on top of it until it cracked on me. I have an additional deflector (from my IK) that will rest on top of the fire ring, but it doesn't leave much room for a drip pan etc. Does anyone have a way around the hot spots without buying another set of deflectors?
  2. Nice. I love a good burger and those look fantastic.
  3. That's a nice hunk of pork. Did you give any thought to curing a portion of it for Canadian Bacon?
  4. Thanks everyone. I have made pies before, just never on the Kamado. This one turned out surprisingly well.
  5. I topped it with some vanilla ice cream. I had my mom over for dinner tonight. Her birthday is Wednesday. We finished up dinner with a slice of pie and some ice cream. She gave it the thumbs up and took half of it home.
  6. Looks good. I really enjoy grilled pineapple. I need to try a meatloaf soon.
  7. Today while I was working in the yard, I decided to make my first pie on my KJ classic. It is an Apple Cranberry pie with an Oatmeal Crumble topping. It cooked for just over an hour at roughly 350F. I am pleased with how it turned out. I have a pic of it in my introduction post, but thought I would post it here as well. Here it is about to come off the grill. I basically followed the pillsbury receipe, except I used a frozen pie crust instead and added some extra craberries. Regards, Dale
  8. Howdy. Welcome to the forum from another new guy.
  9. Thanks for the welcome everyone. JRufus - The picnic is on the IK. Unfortunately, the firebox completely deteriorated on me. There wasn't enough of it left to repair. My father used a small cast iron skillet drilled out with carriage bolt legs to hold the coals, but unfortunately, it rusted to nothing when I was able to pick it up. I ordered a new fire box, but it is too large and won't fit all the way to the base. I have a feeling that restoring the IK will be a winter project for me.
  10. Howdy everyone. My name is Dale. I have been lurking and reading for a while and learning a lot. I picked up my Kamado Joe Classic in June, but grew up with my father using an Imperial Kamado that was given to them as a wedding gift in the early 60's. The only issue was that we always had to keep it low and slow and did not use it to full potential. Since then, I have come a long way in roasting, high temp grilling (lost my arm hair a few times), and finally baking. I had a bunch of pics, but unfortunately, the SD card on my phone went belly up and I lost a good number of pictures.
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