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  1. I see online they are 119, been waiting for the ones at my local sams to drop below 100
  2. Welcome to the club , having my first cook today. Going to try chicken (legs and thighs). Right now playing around with the temps.
  3. Thank you for this post, had this exact question on what instant read to get.
  4. Welcome to the club, and yes pics are needed
  5. Yes a miss-print or oversight, you can download a PDF from the vision website of that document and that column is labeled correctly as "meat temp" I sent a note to the folks at Vision about this, just to give them a heads up. Here is what the PDF on their website looks like.
  6. We'll congrats on the new grill and wow that table looks great.
  7. Storms here tonight so was not able to play with my new obsession. I did pick up a couple bags of Royal Oak lump (green bag).
  8. Looking around on the web it does like like this is normally found at Menards.
  9. I was not famaliar with this color bag for royal oak, found it at Kmart for $5.99 for an 8.8 lb bag. Any comments about it.
  10. The display Vision at my Sam's Club was not put together well, so I had to look past that. Once I bought mine and got it home I was very impressed with the care and detail Vision takes in packaging the Kamado. They supply all the tools needed to assemble the grill and the instructions are pretty straight forward, the only "note" I would add about the assembly would be to install both cross pieces in the metal frame before you add any bolts
  11. I bought the vision lava stone from Home Depot (before I even bought the grill). Would like a vision branded ash and grate tool, if there is such a thing. I have looked at the spider rig's and will most likely get one at some point. I was very impressed with how the grill was packaged and how easy it went together.
  12. We'll I received a surprise bonus at work so that added to my "new grill fund" was enough. Picked this up at sams today at lunch, just In time for the long weekend.
  13. Well my stone has arrived, impressed with packaging and the weight of the stone. Now just need the grill
  14. Wellcome aboard, lots of good info here and great folks to hang around with. Take some pics of your setup and your first cook.
  15. Off topic and sorry to hi-jack your thread aljoseph. I was thinking about going to the egg-fest in Cincinnati. I really do not plan on getting a BGE but the event sounds fun. Are those events just for eggheads or is the general public welcomed.
  16. Still mulling over what I would like for a table and how to best incorparate my gasser into the mix. What i am thinking now is a table with shade arbor on it.
  17. Are there any eggfest scheduled for your area, that is a good place to get at least 20% off. then after you get your BGE (or KJ or Primo) you can sell me your Vision accessories
  18. i found this thread http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/3901-this-is-what-12-racks-of-ribs-on-a-vision-looks-like/?hl=racks
  19. Out of those 13 so called dealers, only 1 advertises the KJ product. The others have no mention whatsoever about that particular brand. I find that strange. I found the same problem with KJ around me, closest one that had a good display to look at was 25 miles away
  20. yea it is just the calssic B dropped in the table, my guess is you will get the side tables as well. It also list the eletric starter in the warranty, so i am sure it is just the standard boiler plate from Vision.
  21. I wonder if you can buy the "Branded full length cover with side Velcro wrap" separately. I like the table, i think i want one with a cutout for the grill though instead of the hole in the center approach.
  22. Is it weird that I ordered one of the Vision lava stone's and I do not even have a Vision yet. I was on the fence about getting a Classic B or a KJ. I am now invested in Vision accessories so it looks like the Vission Classic B has won...... Unless..... haha, i did the same thing. I had most of all my accessories prior to having my Vision. cool, can you share what other accessories you bought
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