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  1. I prefer black but it wouldn't stop me from buying another KJ. Maybe 20 years from now the black KJs will be like the red Weber kettles.
  2. Grilled chicken parm. Now that is something I have to try.
  3. Judging by the pics I would guess some bbq sauce or grease might be the culprit. I had some of my gasket peel off a month or so ago b.c of some bbq sauce. Since then I have been really careful not to get any kind of sauce on the gaskets. I must have about 150 cooks on my BJ and if not for the damn bbq sauce my gaskets would be perfect. I bought some high-que gaskets after this all happened but have decided not to install them until I have to. My guess is that wont be for years.
  4. I clamp mine to the legs of the cart/stand. My backyard is very windy.
  5. Functionally superior? Maybe not. But it sure as hell looks cool.
  6. I guess it is time to upgrade to the D&C. Does the X-Rack come with the D&C?
  7. Knuckles, your setup looks great and so long as you are happy with the results it doesn't really matter.
  8. Glad KJ is taking care of you. Have to say I am not surprised. I wonder if you could work out some sort of deal to let you keep the "defective" cooker. Those leaks didn't look too bad to me. Worst case scenario you can put that one on HH cook duty.
  9. Congrats on the Big Joe. You are going to LOVE it. Use some of the money saved and get some GGs. They are a must have for burgers and veggies IMO.
  10. Beautiful fish, cook and post. That is a pretty nice cutting table you have there.
  11. Nicely done. Spathcock is best way to make a chicken IMO.
  12. Sounds like a lot of purchase justification going on here. If everyone is happy with their cookers then it doesn't really matter. I don't need a Big Joe. I am unmarried and rarely cook for more than 4 people. I bought it b.c I value things that will last a long time and companies that stand behind their product. I am happy with my Big Joe so it really doesn't matter to me if the Classic would have been a better value for me. All I can add is that you cannot fully understand the benefits ceramics have until you have cooked on them. I have cooked on a variety of gassers, Weber kettles, WSMs even have some minor experience with electric smokers and I can honestly say I am never going back. Only time I cook on my gasser is to just give it some use so I can justify the purchase in my head but in reality I should just sell the darn thing. I already gave away a Weber Genesis to my brother and my beloved Performer (that I swore I would never part with) to a neighbor.
  13. The answer to your questions is yes. Worthy investment. I recommend burgers for a maiden cook. Easy to do and will help season them. They will stick the first cook or so. I bought a custom full set for my Genesis but when I gave the Genesis away I made a set for me KJ and a set for my Q. Great for everything especially, delicate foods like veggies and shrimps as well as thinner cuts of meat. Virtually no flare ups.
  14. Do those come with a nest/cradle? Saw a pic on their website of the 19 in a cradle.
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