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  1. That might be one of the best tris I have ever seen. Bet it tasted great. A++
  2. I light up half a chimney of smaller pieces and dump them all over the top.
  3. Wow. Good ol' kingsford blue about to hit the 24 hour mark. Can't wait to see the final results.
  4. It probably won't be as good as lump but I think it will work out just fine. Especially if you are using that modified charcoal grate.
  5. When I make one I usually season with salt, pepper, freshly chopped garlic and parsley and some olive oil. No searing for me. Just 350* straight through. Usually takes about 20 minutes per pound but I still use my thermometer. I remove it at about 125-130*. Tent and rest. Slice very thin and serve with gravy. I honestly never had a problem with it being tough.
  6. That is a gorgeous grill. Love the blue color. Awesome job on the loin. I haven't seen many Grill Domes other than the one guy named Steve on Youtube. The ceramic charcoal grate is interesting and I wonder how it compares to the cast iron ones. Don't have to worry about rust with the ceramic.
  7. Definitely not normal. Luckily Vision has great CS. Hope everything works out for you.
  8. Glad your wife is OK. Shame kids turn to that stuff. Whatever happened to washing dishes and being a bus boy like I did for cash when I was that age?
  9. Sorry to hear that man. I lost my kamado during Hurricane Sandy and have been cooking on my Weber Performer for over a year but sometime this spring I will be getting a KJ. Sometimes things happen for a reason, I am sure you are going to enjoy your KJ once you get it.
  10. Looks delicious. I am not that experienced with leg of lamb. Was that a domestic or imported leg of lamb (e.g. New Zealand)? Also, did you consider butterflying it before you marinaded it?
  11. Bone-in or out? Edit-- Just saw that yours is boneless which is how I prefer mine. I like your choice of marinade, cant wait to see the results.
  12. I wouldn't cook that past 125. Slice thinly.
  13. I own the RT600C and have been using it for a couple of years. It works great and I have bought some as gifts for friends and family.
  14. Get bone-in. Hinge cut the rib bones for easy removal for carving. Trim and season however you like. Tie it up. You can use a roasting pan layered with veggies and just place the roast on top, you don't even need a rack. I would set it at 350 and let it roll. Very simple. Less is more. You are paying good $$$ for a nice cut of meat, no need to overpower it.
  15. I usually cook in the oven at 350 until about 125-130 internal. Rest then slice thin. Like others said, not the most tender. Never done one on the grill but I would probably do a reverse sear. Indirect at 350 then finish it with a sear.
  16. I hope your agent negotiated you a ProJoe as part of your deal! Congrats and best of luck.
  17. It would be nice for Primo to make everything SS. Grates, bands, hinge, vent, etc. Oval design + SS hardware would be tough to beat.
  18. I like this one albeit pricey @ $239 for the kit. http://www.thermoworks.com/products/logger/bluetherm_duo.html
  19. Hi guys. I currently own a Weber charcoal that I love. I am looking to expand my collection and love the benefits of Kamado-style grills. Haven't yet decided which brand to go with. I am down to BGE, Primo and Saffire. I am leaning towards Saffire b.c of the high-quality parts they use. Just wanted to say hi and thank everyone for the information they have provided me with from browsing this board.
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