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  1. Little piggy is looking good. Can't wait to see the finished product. Edit - Beautiful job. Ill have some of the butt!!
  2. Everything looks delicious. I'd call that a successful maiden voyage.
  3. I find that once the ceramics get saturated with heat the dome and grate temps are very close if not equal. However, you should check your thermometer every so often to make sure they are working properly and calibrate if necessary. If you thermometer is off by 100* then you might have issues with low and slow cooks. 25* one way or the other is not going to hurt you IMO.
  4. The only KJ product I have been slightly disappointed with is the cover. Mine blew off all the time b.c the string on the bottom wasn't tightening enough. I now clamp the cover down on the lid handle and back hinge and that has fixed the issue. I have the current model and mine hasn't faded and does not let any rain through.
  5. Those pork fillets look great. Just picked up a few on sale. Going to try the APL recipe from John's video.
  6. Congrats and please spoil us with many pics of that beautiful cooker once she (something that pretty can only be a woman) arrives.
  7. There is no substitute for experience. Soon you will come up with a method thas works perfectly for you. Any chance the hard stuff was cartilage/connective tissue? Or was the meat itself tough?
  8. Been using a cheap 4" paint brush for months and love it. Brush the dome and sides before every cook. I use a 2" plaster knife to pick up the ash from the bottom. Gently scrape all the ash into a pile and scoop it up.
  9. Might be one of the best cooks I have ever seen on this site. Great job. Bet it tasted as good as it looked.
  10. This place could use a woman's touch. Dont let the power go to your head. [emoji6]
  11. Personally, I just ignore the topics and people I don't care for. I have pretty good self-control when it comes to that. I realize this is the internet and you are going to come across all different types of people. I do not enjoy censoring anyone. I think people should be able to ignore and not engage people they do not like. Nobody forces anybody to read or respond. That said, I was really happy that this place was politics free. Politics, religion, etc are just way too divisive. I belong to other forums where we discuss those things and it took years for everyone to hash the differences out and "self-mod" the discussions. I never take anything personally on the internet and once I log off I leave whatever happened behind and dont let it disturb my "real life".
  12. 2 hours in foil on a kamado is just too much IMO. 1 hour is usually more than enough for me. I usually do two racks atta time. 250-275. My cooks are usually 2 hours in the beginning, 45-60 minutes in foil then anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to finish up. I dont sauce right away coming out of the foil. Sometimes I dont sauce at all. All depends. I think the 321 method was original designed for stick burners or Weber smokers that were built using metal. Ceramic cookers have great insulating properties that I think help speed up the cooking process while maintaining moisture. Foiling the meat only speed up the process further. Some members here have described it as turbo-charging the cook and I like that analogy. I think the best advice I could give is to just use all the advice you get as a guide and then see what works best for you. There is no substitute for experience. Eventually you will develop your own technique and use that. You might end up deciding you dont like foiling at all.
  13. Sounds like you might not have let you coals ash over enough. Once lump is fully lit it does not produce much smoke. Did you cook with the lid down or up? Flare ups can effect the taste of the meat too.
  14. Did mine by myself. Removed the innards and placed it in the cradle. Didn't get a hernia but I cut up my hand pretty good and my hip hurt for about a week afterwards. It was worth it.
  15. Once the ceramics are saturated with heat I find that the temp is more stable. The dome gets saturated faster than the base. I usually let my Big Joe slowly come up to temp over an hour or so for low and slow cooks. Probably overkill but it works for me and I enjoy killing the time.
  16. Do they make one with the Big Joe?
  17. So sad. This year has been a terrible year for some of my favorite actors. First PSH and now Robin Williams. Hopefully they have found peace wherever they are.
  18. What a delicious looking meal and beautiful presentation. As always. Looking forward to see what you have in-store for us during this 30 days of grilling!!!
  19. I have this one. Use it on cheap knives bcz those are the only kind I own. Removes a lot of steel but does get them nice and sharp.
  20. Anybody ever try the NOH Foods Char Siu seasoning? Has great reviews on Amazon.
  21. Awesome cook Andy. You are a real pro. How long did they spin for? I assume you let it go as long as it took for the chicken to be done.
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