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  1. My shop vac is one of my favorite bbq tools.Great for cleaning up or putting the hose backwards and using it like a blower to get a fire started quicker.
  2. Yeah its a problem.The only thing you can do is buy premium pellets which dont leave as much ash and the other thing is vacuum the smoker before every cook.
  3. The other things to eat in Dublin is the Chicken Sish Kebab from Zaytoons on Parliment Street, Smoked Cod and Chips from Leo Burrdocks at Christchurch
  4. Oh i know all about smoke tubes,it was the only way of gettin at least some smoke flavor.I have had a lot of issues with the tube going out during long cooks.Like the final straw was my last brisket which was perfect in every way apart from it tasted like it could have been cooked in the oven when the smoke tube went out.
  5. Hello guys.I was an avid kamado guy that lost his way a little.I love smoking food and have had many different smokers, gas,charcoal kettles,kamado and lastly pellet grills. I admit i got seduced by the ease of the last option and have used my Traeger exclusively for the last 4-5 years. I have finally lost my patience with the lack of smoke flavor and pulled my old vision pro series out of the shed and I am motivated to use it this summer.I had a bbq guru and being honest after moving a few years back I have no idea where it is now so I will be learning how to dial in temps the old fashioned way. I had been a member on here but dont think I have posted anything in quite a few years and I am looking forward to interacting with you all.
  6. I believe Smokin Bones on dame street in Dublin is good if you are ever back
  7. Thanks ckreef.Those recipes look really good.If i just roll the dough thinner and bigger i think it would make a wonderfull wrap.
  8. Sorry my bad.After doing more research the bread is called lavash,it is also cooked in a tandor and is a bit bigger and thinner but not unlike a naan.
  9. Hi guys,its been a long while since i posted on this website.I have kinda forgot about my vision grill over recent years and have been using my pellet and gas grill more often because of laziness, but this season i have decided to get as much use out of my kamado as possible. I recently went back home to Ireland and was reacquainted with one of my favorite post pub foods...the Chicken shish kebab from a persian place called zaytoon. The chicken shish is chicken marninaded in spices and yogurt and cooked over charcoal,served with salad,garlic sauce,chili sauce on what seems and tastes like a large naan bread.The naans are cooked in a large stone like oven and i thought the kamado would be a perfect substitute if i got the right recipe.Thanks in advance. ps here is a video of the recipe for the chicken marinade,this guy has got a lot of great videos for various middle eastern kebab recipes.
  10. the pro's are -being able to smoke in your kitchen -smokes in 50% less of the time -super moist and succulent meat cons - Clean up was a pain - obviously dose'nt smoke as well as a kamodo - bark is non existent because of steaming
  11. Ok so i used booty rub on the chicken with some olive oil.Put it into the emson with a 1/2 cup of water and 3 large chips of cherry wood.It took 45 mins to cook and when it came out it was super moist and the wings were starting to fall off.I put it on a skillet and put under broiler for about 5mins to crisp the skin up.It had a nice smokie taste.For the 20bucks i paid for it,it is a nice bit of kit.
  12. its about 4-5 inches i think.Going to throw some chicken wings on today and i will measure it Doog
  13. Thanks jackjumper. I don't know where you live but if you ever have a cold damp miserable day give it a try,instant warmness in a bowl.
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