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  1. Sawzall, have to reply that I followed TKO's thoughts on this thing. First, what I thought were toasted gaskets actually seemed to survive. Once the melted stuff and such were cleaned off. :-( The next step was to see if they actually pinched up as stated by TKO. Mind did, a couple of the metal keepers had to be put back into the lower bowl. And it seemed the area of the biggest damage was at the back where the gasket seems to be bonded. That was the hot spot, and also the point were I could see no seal = open air flow. Apparantly Char Griller has no spare parts distributors, and defin
  2. TKO, the lower one had melted at the back where the most heat was. it was stuck to the bottom portion of the removable ash tray. That one I feel is pretty much gone. The top one is crispy when I pinched it. it could probably work, but won't have the same flexibility as it did before to seal. I did check out the oem replacement units and the price to get them up here is going to be prohibitive so it seems the only option is to try the nomex setup. I'll do one side of the tray, and if it works perfect. If it leaks bad then I'll do the upper surface and see how it works out. The Akorn its
  3. Also, I did do a search and for the most part it seems board members were not looking at full replacement but plugging gaps by using this alternative. If I missed a key thread on this let me know and thanks kindly. Dave
  4. Esteemed board, have had a few cooks on my Jr. now and all has been most excellent. Cooks of around 400 and mainly chicken to get used to the device. First off, this thing is so miserly with charcoal! Unbelievable. The board had prepared me for this but to see it is something else. Also, I've found it is finicky but I think also I've been chasing it. Need to settle down a bit as with lump and the insulative qualities this thing can cycle a bit. Having said all this, :-) I needed to ask for direction and advice as after my last cook I opened up the vents intending for just a few minutes
  5. Thanks most kindly. Just getting the hang of this thing. :-) And look forward to learning.
  6. Esteemed forum! I've been a long time lurker on this site and first wanted to thank all who created it, maintain it and do what they do so we have this community. John I think special shout out to you for all you have contributed here. I've been on the pilgrimage to better q, for 25 years now. Started with a weber kettle, still the most versatile cooking appliance aside of a wok known to humankind. :-) Then WSM's, a cookshack model 55 when I cooked for more people and now a wee Akorn Jr. Went with the Akorn to try kamado cooking and I cook for 3-4 max and know well a 14" grate can cook a
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