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  1. BlueSmoke

    Joe Jr likes legs and thighs

    My classic is more of a breast and butts kind of grill. However, those legs and thighs do look mighty tasty!
  2. BlueSmoke

    rubs that are a great value

    I bought some and put in on a butt this weekend and was pleasantly surprised how good it was. I would highly recommend it. Bark was amazing!!!! I am surprised to hear that - I grabbed it at Costco yesterday (<$6 IIRC) and used it on ahi tuna. It was good, but it seemed more on the "herby" side than most butt rubs. I wondered how well the herbs would hold up over a long pork butt smoke so it is good to hear it worked for you. I will definitely give it a try on my next butt cook, but perhaps in combination with a spicier/hotter rub. I bet it is great on chicken too. Definitely a good value though. I tried it on some ribs a couple weekends ago. I could really taste the celery seed. Not sure how it would be on a big butt but it was a little overwhelming on the ribs.
  3. BlueSmoke

    Had my BJ delivered and also rec'd a surprise

    Sounds like you got an early 2014 production as your setup is exactly the same as mine except I have the Classic. Beginning of 2014 they began rolling out the D&C system, ash tray, and the ash tool with the black HDPE handles. However, the grills were still equipped with the bamboo and teak side tables. Around April 2014 when I purchased my KJ Classic they were starting to test the HDPE side tables and shortly after decided to make those the standard. All that to say, you don't have a "frankien grill". Some how you just got some old stock. I would definitely contact your dealer. If they aren't able to take care of you then I'm sure KJ's customer service will. Also, since you have one from older, make sure you have the "accessory rack". That is the star shaped rack that is designed to old the wok and is also good for elevating the drip pan above your divider plates.
  4. BlueSmoke

    rubs that are a great value

    I bought some and put in on a butt this weekend and was pleasantly surprised how good it was. I would highly recommend it. Bark was amazing!!!! Looks like I need to stop by Sam's for a pack of butts and some rub. Thanks!
  5. BlueSmoke

    rubs that are a great value

    So I was at Sam's today and they had a new rub on the shelf. Pork Barrel BBQ Spice Rub: http://porkbarrelbbq.com $7 for 19oz. I almost picked it up to try on my next butt but decided to hold off. Anybody try this yet?
  6. BlueSmoke

    Picking Up a KJ Big Joe

    I'm guessing you ran out of room top to bottom?
  7. BlueSmoke

    First cook on my Akorn...

    Looks like a very successful 1st cook!
  8. BlueSmoke

    Who cooks with beer?

    Dub can you provide the recipe? That roast is making my mouth water!
  9. BlueSmoke

    Does the Kamado Joe ever go on sale?

    I called around to the local dealers and just asking for their price and if they had them in stock. I wanted to find a dealer that had them on display so I could actually see it and compare to the BGE. The dealers that had them on display also had the best price in town and he gave me additional off for being the first one to buy a Kamado Joe. In return, I have given him feedback on things I'm really liking, what accessories to stock, etc.
  10. http://www.amazon.com/Cookie-And-Bar-Recipes-Frosting-ebook/dp/B00C9J5RIU?_bbid=104453&_bbtype=email
  11. BlueSmoke

    Who Cooks on What?

    Sharpsburg, Gerogia - Kamado Joe Classic
  12. I've used both Frontier and Royal Oak. The RO is better IMHO. It seems to light and reaches temp quicker. RO can get my Classic Joe over 700 degrees much easier than with the Frontier and seems to maintain the high burn temp better. Also, the smell of the RO smoke seems sweeter. I haven't tried it on a low & slow yet but I'm expecting good results. Don't get me wrong, the Frontier works especially when I only paid $2.50 a bag for it but I think the RO is a better deal if you are paying normal retail.
  13. BlueSmoke

    Tailgating Recipes eBook - $Free

    You are the man!
  14. BlueSmoke

    BBQ Recipes eBook - $Free

    Thanks for posting!