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  1. Most computer fans are powered by 12V DC, not 110V AC. You'd need the power supply from the computer or a 12V AC adapter with it.
  2. I ground down the lower pegs that insert into the lower grate to allow easier installation/removal. About 3/16" did the trick.
  3. Gator, what type of top vent did they send you. I have an extra cast iron top vent you can have if you can pick it up. I JB welded the broken plastic piece and it looks good and strong again. I live in Northern IL.
  4. I haven't calibrated my vision thermometer, but I smoked some ribs this weekend. I used an additional thermometer just wedged between the lid and grill. It read consistently 10-15 lower than the dome thermometer. I think the difference was justified due to the use of a stone heat diffuser.
  5. I like it. It's clean and kamado specific. A lot of what I've seen for BBQ logos is so specific "Porky's BBQ" or "Steakhouse" styled. This says simply "ceramic grilling".
  6. Sorry, just realized this probably goes in the low & slow forum. I added all the smoking wood that I soaked (didn't have to add more during the cook). I'd say that bucket was about 3" full.
  7. I just grilled 4 racks and only 1 of the racks' silverskin came off easy. The other 3 required an extremely sharp knife and a lot of patience. Anyone have any tips for getting that skin off easier?
  8. We had some folks over this past weekend and I decided to make some baby back ribs. I cooked them 3-2-1 with a magic dust dry rub and a vinegar mop. I used mesquite and hickory wood chunks for smoke. I was a little drunk after 6 hours and forgot to get a final pic of them coming off the grill, but they were falling apart, tender, and tasty. I used some wire to attach the metal pizza stone rack below the bottom grate. This was my heat deflector and allowed me to keep the bottom grate available for tatters later on.
  9. The bird was falling off the bones and ridiculously juicy. The skin was very crispy. This was one of my first cooks on the new Vision. Notice the still-white ceramic insides.
  10. Looks good to me. I'm lucky to get the dough rolled out into something circular. My pizzas usually end up looking like some sort of lopsided trapezoid.
  11. Stuffed some pork loin with parmesan cheese & dusted with some Italian seasonings (basil, oregano, sage, thyme, salt). Sprinkled the shrooms with garlic powder, salt, and dry parsley.
  12. I always brine/smoke my turkeys. Since I just got my kamado, I haven't done one in a ceramic grill yet. But I usually give the bird a butter enema and brush every hour with seasoned EVOO. I think the oil helps crisp the skin at lower temps. I use a beer can stand to keep the bird upright and a pan to catch drippings. I cook it at about 250-275 and have never failed to get crispy skin. Dang, November seems so far away.....
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