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  1. How does the Vortex work never heard of them before. Looks like they work great.
  2. just ordered one.If put it over the stock air vent, is the vent all the way open?
  3. Customer service was great they let me use the cc receit and they have shipped a replacement body out. I will be remove the ashpan when not in use from now on.
  4. Remove the ashpan when not in use. This will be the 1st to rust out.
  5. After the body my Akorn rusted out I found it is covered., but you need a reciept. I cant find one but was 3 years ago. If only I had a copy of one.
  6. Talked to custor service. If I had a reciet they would replace the body.
  7. If only the ash pan was rusted I would be ok with it. I've been it touch with C-G on 5/22 this being a holiday weekend i'll see what they say next week. What gets me is my Weber Kettle is older with no issues.
  8. After 2 or so year my acron is is rusted out both the ash pan and the main body where it meets the ash pan. I used a cover for the most part. I thought it was just the ash pan no big deal, but the body is rusted out. Looks like it will be trash after this summer. Now I wish I had spent the extra money and got some thing that would last. Will see if Chargrill is going to stand behind their product. This compared to my Weber kettle grill same treatment has no rust. Update Customer service was great. They helped me out and are shipping a replacement body. I will be removing ash pan from now on when not in use.
  9. Have one but have no use for any more. If I had a large amount of Food to cook I might use it again otherwise it will sit.
  10. That sum it up. A great at an accessible price. The BGE was out of my price range, this works for me.
  11. I read that having bark on your smoking wood will give a bitter taste. Any problems?
  12. Been wanting a BGE for a long time, but did not have the money. Saw this in the Lowes ad, found this web site and ready to go. I have a big offset smoker that I dont use, a Weber Gold 22.5 that I use all the time and a Orion cooker that use 4x a month but can not the smoke taste thinking about drilling hole in it. I heat with wood so have a lot of Hickey and fruit woods. All so home brewer.
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