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  1. Hi everyone, Been thinking about getting a Kamado Joe grill for more than a year now. Always been a bit disappointed with my Weber Kettle grill. Hard to get the temperature high enough for a steak or pork tenderloin and hard to get low enough temperature for a longer cook without putting the fire out and hard making the charcoal last long enough. Suddenly the temperature starts going down and I never seem to manage getting a new load of charcoal taking off. Frustrating to say the least…!!! Searching for alternatives to the Weber, I found all these videos of Kamado grills with juicy steaks, pulled pork, and smoky ribs. Everything I usually fail with the Weber or never even dare to try. I had more or less decided to get the Kamado Big Joe standalone and making my own grill bench. Unfortunately, I also need to repaint my house this summer—something my wife reminded me firmly about as soon as I even began discussing the new Big Joe. Sigh! :-) and to make matters worse, she was of course right. But, after feeling grumpy for a while, I took the plunge, and ordered a Kamado Joe Jr. instead. Small and cheap enough to justify as a "tryout" and with a stand included. No extra work required. I got the Junior this weekend and is very satisfied with the looks so far. It's a piece of beauty—red and shiny! Will have to report back after trying a few cooks… but the Junior looks like a performer! Excited about the future again… / Påhl
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