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  1. I try to get it as low as possible. I completely close off everything. . During the rest period.
  2. Just looked up my order - you are correct, it's a 1/8 inch gasket. I ordered the XL BGE Nomex Gasket.
  3. Removing of the springs is my next tactic I'll try. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. I'll keep you updated.
  4. As you can see, I've adjusted the band as high as I could.
  5. This is one of the videos I watched when trying to figure it out. I did see a video of them puting a wire tie on the hinge before removing the dome which I did not do. Leads me to believe that the hinge is the source of my issue.
  6. My first thermometer died, Vision sent me two and I finally have to put in the second one.. Seems they get condensation inside and once that happens they're shot. I think I'm going to investigate possibly putting in a KJ one. My vision was 1/2 of the price of a BGE for a reason so I'm not disapointed at all. It's just the thermometer I've had issues within the 2 years of heavy use.
  7. I noticed mine was cracked during a cleaning last year.. It wasn't severe as some of them I've read, I've stopped removing the firebox to clean and just rake out the dust through the vent with something I made with a tent peg and paint stir stick.. It works perfect, can't complain!
  8. Hello All, Another season is upon us! Last year I replaced my gasket on my Vision Classic and everything I have tried, I cannot get the gap in the rear to close.. I've tried adjusting the band on the lid multiple times.. It almost seems like the hinge is holding it open. Would a C-Clamp on the hinge to close it more followed by adjusting the band on the lid possibly solve my issue? I forgot to take pictures of the gap but it's about 1/8 of an inch in the rear right. Any sudgestions are appreciated as I've got a briskett to do next week and need figure something out.
  9. Hello all, I'm sure everyone has their favorite way to cook steak in their ceramic, here is my favorite and highest voted method. I often don't know what the actual temps are as my thermometer is broken and I got lazy to request a replacement. I usually cook by feel and look and just past experiences. These numbers are all subject to +/- The best advice I can give to new Kamado owners it to just use your grill, don't worry about everything being dead on time / temps and just enjoy the art and fun of cooking and then eating some of the best food ever prepared. You'll have lots of crap meals but it's all about learning and having fun. My first, second, third etc.. attempt at ribs were all Grade A failures! and my first Pulled pork was the best and I can't seem to replicate my results.. I also document in as much detail as possible(Temps, Times, Check-Ins, Looks, Charcoal, Weather etc...) every new cook until I'm grilling winners. Have fun, and WELCOME SPRING TIME! What am I going to cook tonight.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steak: Strip Loin or Tender Loin about 1 1/4 inches thick. Grill: Vision Classic B Series - http://www.visiongrills.com/grills/classic-b-series/ Charcoal: Royal Oak Lump - http://royal-oak.com/royal_oak-natural-lump Before I even go near the Grill, 1. Start with Prepping the Steaks Dry the steak before I apply the magic, just dab with paper towel. I season the steaks. I don't do it the same way, always shake it up but a key is Salt. Not too much but not too little. You can over salt, but it's easier to undersalt. Depending on the salt content of the spice I'll add additional salt or not. and ALWAYS fresh ground pepper. Usually lots and never find it's too much. I then RUB emotionally the spice / salt / pepper into the meat. Making sure it's all covered and looking great! Let sit on a plate and keep my cats(who eat nothing but raw meat) away from them. 2. Get that Grill as hot as possible! ** Always burp your grill at these temps, I've had a few instances where I got an eye-brow job from the whoooomph of fire.... This is the best part, takes time but is worth it and I get a thrill with the 900+ degrees and my guests are usually amazed. I'll load that fire bowl up(at 900+ that stuff burns up quick!) and get it lit. Open bottom vent all the way and take the top off. Occasionally go out and stir it around and get some great flame, often It's shooting out the top hole, that's How i know I've got some great heat! I've also killed my thermometer.. Not sure if it was the heat or the Nova Scotian winter.. Once I get it HOT HOT HOT, I'll put that grill in and let that heat up for usually 5-20 mins. Once this is complete My steaks have sat for 30-45 mins. 3. Show-time - Sear Those Steaks Depending on the cut and thickness they'll sear for 60-90 seconds on either side.Less or Equal to 1 - 1 1/4 inch = 60 Seconds a side Approx +/- 15 secs Greater Than 1 1/4 inch + = 90 Seconds a side Some keys to get the best flame during sear, Keep all vents open/off. Close the dome during the sear as it will get better flame touching those steaks giving you some beautiful black char. After the sear, I throw them on a plate and wrap in tin foil for 20-35 mins and let rest inside. I'll starve the charcoal of air and start to cook veggies, corn etc... Aiming to get it down to as close to estimated 350 as I can. Use heat deflector to keep from burning and place other food on upper grill(This is always hard to get on when it's this hot.. Haven't figured a way to do it with my Vision effectively yet) 4. The Final Cook After I let rest, and attempt to bring the temp down(depending on how much ash was in the fire pot, how full the bag of charcoal was I used my temps have been anywhere from 350 - 600... The veggies have hopefully had enough time to cook and not burn from the fire. * I'll open the bottom vent all the way and get some flames -- This is about 50% of the time, as some of my family doesn't like the real char steaks and claim they're burnt.. It's personal preference really. How much time? Depending on temp of the grill, 350F would be the longest time, 600F would be the shortest. These temps are for roughly 1 1/4 inch Strip loins. Diff Cuts would cook faster than others.Blue Rare - Should be done or even Seared for less time; It'll moo pretty hard at 900+ degrees lol (I've never had this request) Rare - 30 Secs - 1 min / Side Med Rare - 1 min - 2min a side Medium - 3min a side Medium Well - 3min - 6min a side Well - 7mins - 10min a side Take off, Foil and let rest for 5-15 mins(Make sure you let it rest for at least 5 mins)... Such a large variance because depending on the temp of the grill, depending on if the other food is done, The steak will continue to cook while resting, so be careful if they want med rare, med etc... you may over cook to their preference. Bon App├ętit These will be GREAT! No sauce needed, they're more juicy than you could ever imagine possible. Notes: This method has been claimed to be better than $40 steaks you get downtown by my guests. I'd love to hear from feedback on the method, and hope some of you give it a go and let me know. Maybe some of you do something very similar or completely off the concept, It's all on personal taste. I don't use the most expensive beef, My family comes from butcher background so a lot of my beef, mostly tender loin is cut by me.
  10. I come from a family of meat cutters and I've experimented with all diff cuts, different ways of cooking, times, thickness etc... My favorite and the #1 request at my house is a 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 inch Striploin. They bring the beef and I cook it. My method isn't ground breaking and It's just a bunch of different techniques that equate to one damn good steak! I'll do another post on how I do my steaks in the Beef Recipes -- UPDATED - http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/10834-how-i-cook-my-steaks/ Got inspired this morning to share my fav thing to cook.
  11. What about a retro-fit thicker gasket? Maybe two layers where needed? Personally I would try and avoid using the high heat silicone for fear of it looking messy but that's just personal preference, It seems to be the easiest solution though.
  12. For the past year when I cleaned mine I took out the firebox and used a dixie cup. Saturday I noticed my firebox has fallen to the infamous crack. It's not bad, just carries through from the pre-cut to the hole, about 1 inch and it's a straight crack. Hopefully it stays that way. So i took a paint stir stick and a L Shaped Text Peg, little bit of electrical tape and I macgyvered a great ash tool.. I won't even order one now because it worked so well. Wish I took a picture of the pathetic thing lol
  13. I went to the 2 Costco's we have here in Halifax the past weekend. Neither of them had them, although 3 weeks back, I did see a Classic on display in Bayers Lake, wasn't there this weekend....
  14. Hey guys, I have a Classic, and after 1 year of Maritime weather and my lack of covering my side shelves are looking rather sad. Now that mine are all warped and not fit for fire wood, I thought it would be a great time to replace them; I should have taken a outline to fab up some replacements in cedar but I didn't. Anyone know of any resources for previous experience replacing these?
  15. It's actually purposely cracked for veggies. Keeps the flame off of them without taking up too much of the grill. Was a perfect solution; However I recently dropped it and cracked it more so it's a puzzle every cook lol
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