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  1. Thanks guys! So no device, just gloves. I'm sure I can manage [emoji6][emoji1360]
  2. I do not. It's the "old" system [emoji20]
  3. Good day Gurus, Just wondering if anyone knows about where to buy a suitable plate lifter for the heat deflector in an older version of the Kamado Joe Classic? I haven’t seen it around anywhere. For all I know such a thing might not even exist?
  4. Big Green Craig has new toys...

    He is getting a lot of heat from the hardcore BGE fans...
  5. kamado joe blow lighter or mapp gas torch?

    The loof lighter is fantastic, but as Freddyj said you need to be fairly close to an outlet.
  6. Auber Controller...

    Hey Marty thanks for your reply. I have the 6.5CFM fan. Does the Auber overshoot when you use it to bring up the temp? You can imagine my face when I start the controller and the temp just drops like crazy. Having the temp drop does not make any sense. More air means more fire and more fire means more heat. Some times people have removed the probe at the end of a cook to make the fan run continuously to bring the temp up to 600 or 700 to make pizza. If the fire is just barely going and the fan kicked on it might momentarily lower the temp but it will clime as the fire expands. I would call Auber and talk to them and ask their opinion. The AKORN settings on this site came from Auber when Ken called them up. If you are seeing the temp go down as the temp rises --that is some kind of equipment problem. If the temp is dropping with the fan running then it would have to blowing the heat out of the dome and the air missing the area that is lit. Hey Marty, Thanks for your prompt reply. That's what I could not understand either. I was wondering if the air was going up between the firebox and the outer layer of the grill if the charcoal was packed too tight. The same as if you open the lid in a way. i'll also test the temp probe in ice water along with my thermapen to see if it is calibrated.
  7. Auber Controller...

    Hey Marty thanks for your reply. I have the 6.5CFM fan. Does the Auber overshoot when you use it to bring up the temp? You can imagine my face when I start the controller and the temp just drops like crazy.
  8. Auber Controller...

    Hey Smokehowze, Thanks for your long reply. I have not tried this controller without food. I figured the little amount of time that I have to spare, I might as well cook something. I had the vent fairly open I would say. Maybe 3/4 of the way. I checked the opening to the fireboks vs the bottom vent, and looking right through the bottom vent i see the opening to the firebox sitting is right behind. I will say that I puzzled the coal very well, as I was scared of not having enough for the entire cook, so I assume that the air flow was not the best. I might have not been clear when i was ranting off, but i opted to take the controller off and set the grill manually without any controller. Just the way that I have done it in the past. The probe that you see in the photo, is the upgraded probe from Auber instruments (http://www.auberins.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=20_3&products_id=327)%C2'> The controller that I have is the SYL-1615SYS-G for Large Big Green Eggs. Can I ask how you use your controller? How much coal? do you just dump the bag? puzzle? do you make sure that the grill performing with the controller before you add the meat? etc. At this point i'll take any suggestions and i'll try and do a dry run this weekend.
  9. New kid on the block.

    Nice set up! Congratulation :D
  10. Good morning Guru's, I need some help understanding my Auber pid controller for a KJ classic. I have tried to use it a few times but given up. Last evening I prepped the grill to smoke 4 porkbutts. I stacked/puzzled the coal mixed with Hickory wood up to the fire ring. Got the fire going on one spot in the middle with my looft lighter. Pleased the butts with probes and both BBQ sensors, the Auber and Maverick. I waited until the grill was at 230f before I started the pid controller. Immediately the fan started and the the temp in the chamber was dropping rapidly as the controller was pumping in 20c air. So what am I to do? Let the controller keep pumping the cold air until the coals get so hot that the controller recognize it is getting hotter? Will the controller bring it up to 225f then stop. I'm sure by then the temps will risen to well over 500f before it starts to drop? I didn't want to experiment with this last night so I took the fan off and sett it manually which led to a busy night adjusting the vents and eventually having to re light the coals (twice). All this and my 22month toddler getting up at 430 to start the day. Needless to say I'm fairly exhausted right about now and fairly fed up hence the long rant of frustration. Any suggestions to how I can better use this pid controller for easy over night low and slow cooks would be appreciated! And could someone for the love of God, please bring me some coffee?? /Kid
  11. Love the cocktail table [emoji6][emoji106]
  12. Leg of Lamb

    Hey Gurus. Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. So I finally have the leg on the grill. It was rubbed with meatheads lamb rub and let it sit for a day or so in the fridge. Decided to go with 250F off heat until it reached 110F. Took it off and got the temps up a bit for a sear. Cut the meat with a board sauce consisting of garlic, fresh thyme, some chili and EVO. Start of cook Roasting the leg Leg off Served I'm happy with the cook. The board sauce is a killer. I'll keep exploring with different ingredients. Have a nice Sunday all :D
  13. Leg of Lamb

    Good Day Guru's, I got my hands on a nice leg of lamb. I haven't cooked lamb on my KJ Classice before however I'm thinking low and slow and then maybe roasting at the end to get a little crust. How do you cook this meat? Any suggestions on how to cook this classic dish?? /Kid

    Yeah indirect, those are sitting on top of my heat deflector cowboy. I go with 350*F > 400*F for a half hour or so. Cut off the tops, remove the loose sins, then drizzle EVOO over the cut tops. You can set them in a muffin tin, but i like making the little stands with aluminum foil like in my photo. Thanks Andy, My wife is in for a surprise tonight

    Hey Andy, What temps do you roast them at? Indirect heat I presume?