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  1. Am I the only one who thinks this board edit is stupid? Could we please be treated as adults who are able to deal with words like H e l l and D a m n and not like kindergarteners?
  2. Cause fake food is so much healthier than the natural, real stuff.
  3. Um .. you're substituting fake butter for real butter, fake sugar instead of the dried and pressed juice of a natural sugar cane, and potassium chloride for salt (i.e. sodium chloride) and those are steps towards getting you "kemikillz free"? Ok then.
  4. Trim looks great. I agree with Robert about cooking fat cap down. I love the way the fat on the bottom gets slightly crispy and tender. And I don't really like meat fat at all, but a bottom down brisket is yum!
  5. Heh. I had to look it up because my first knee-jerk thought was "10mm???? No way!"
  6. Kara: Does the wok you suggested have a round bottom? If so,do you need the order the ring with it so it will set up straight on the grill, or does it work okay without the ring? I've been experimenting with setting it in the circle in my x-rack in the KJ, so I don't need the ring (or haven't so far). If you don't have something like the x-rack, then you might want to get the ring, yeah.
  7. Honestly I would try it just because of the name and the can. It's one of those things that's so weird it just might be good.
  8. That sounds delicious and is fast and easy. I'm going to try this for both thighs and breasts next week. Thanks for the recipe!!
  9. Fantastic! I love cornbread and it's so flexible. I'm a fan of the cheese and onion and hatch chiles myself/ @mewantkj - YES! Johnny cakes for breakfast with maple syrup are a game changer. I love them.
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