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  1. Rubbed with olive oil, salt, pepper, onion and garlic salt. Seared at 450 degrees all four sides a few minutes each over direct heat and then basted it with ghee and then moved to indirect for about 15 minutes.
  2. A little coarse salt, coarse pepper, garlic and cayenne combined and rubbed on a few hours before grilling. Cool 4 minutes each side at 475 and this is the result. I call it my Keep it Simple steak.
  3. Yes, two types. One used Willingham’s Wham Cajun Hot rub and the other is sauced using Frank’s and some butter. I rubbed them in peanut oil before which helped crisped the skin. Cooked at 350 degrees with heat deflectors in for about 50 minutes flipping half way.
  4. my youngest graduated high school tonight so I made some wings for the family get together
  5. here is my technique which is simple and produces really good wings. Rub some peanut oil on the wings and then put whatever rub you like on them. I cook them at 350 with the heat deflectors on my KJ for about 50 minutes or so turning them half way through. If I want to do sauce I'll apply it the last 15-20 minutes of the cook on both sides. The peanut oil produces a crispier skin in my experience. Sometimes I'll just put peanut oil, salt and pepper and then baste them with Frank's Hot sauce with butter or some other type sauce (Barbecue variety).
  6. First and foremost, War Eagle! I’ve had my Big Joe for almost two years and never have had an issue with getting to high temps. Fill it full of charcoal and make sure the holes in the firebox are not blocked or clogged. I typically open the top vent most of the way and the bottom vent is fully open. I put two fire starters in and close the grill after 10-15 minutes. I typically just do my steaks at 500 degrees and I get really nice grill marks doing them about 2.5-3 minutes on each side. I bought a half cast iron grate that I use for steaks. I have the heat deflector on one side and will finish them on that side. Good luck.
  7. I rub my wings in peanut oil which helps crisp them up a little. I do 350 degrees with heat deflectors in for about 50 mins and they usually turn out crispy.
  8. I cook Pizza on my KJ all the time but I normally do New York style crust. This post inspired me so I bought the pan and just gave it a shot. Turned out really good but had some burnt spots on the bottom. I think next time I’ll cook it in the oven.
  9. I got the Big Joe a few weeks ago and love it so far. Controlling the temps has been easy so far. This is my first attempt at ribs. I'm doing pizza this weekend.
  10. Thank you. I look forward to reading and posting on this forum.
  11. I bought a big joe today and it was going to be a tight fit in standing it up in my van so we laid it on it's side. if it messes something up then I will return it to Costco because their person is the one that suggested I lay it on it's side.
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