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  1. So how long can you keep it in the cooler before you have to reheat it for dinner? I am guessing it would stay hot for a couple of hours. Any longer, wouldn't you have to reheat it?
  2. I ordered mine from shopperschoice.com. The latest response from them said: "Although your order confirmation quoted a 4-6 week lead time before we are to receive a shipment containing this item, I have great news, I have touched base with our manufacturer and they informed me, production is going better than anticipated and in doing so, they stated a shipment will be go out either the end of week 6/26/217 or early part of week 7/3/17."
  3. Here's what I use: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/27662-portable-side-table/
  4. I've been looking for a portable side table that I can put my "hots" on at various times when grilling. I have a Joe Classic and don't have extra space for anything permanent. I came across this gem at Walmart for about 25 bucks. It is all aluminum and about the size of a TV tray. It folds flat like a TV tray except the top folds in half. Very light has a load limit of 60 lbs. You can set a hot pizza stone, diffusers, or anything else on it you need. Any grease or oil wipes off with a paper towel. I find it very handy. I came across it at Walmart in the camping gear aisle. Hope this might help who needs something similar. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Ozark-Trail-Folding-Table/16537239 Bob
  5. I picked up a couple bags of RO from Walmart. The first bag included 1 stone, zero large pieces, a handful of medium pieces about the size of 2 golf balls, and almost a whole bag of tiny pieces and dust. Maybe the next bag will be better.
  6. I just got my KJ Classic and do not have a Joetisserie. Should I cook this direct or indirect at 350 degrees (internal 145) for about an hour? Suggestions?
  7. I picked up one Saturday at Menard's. Works like a charm.
  8. Please clarify this. Vision makes the Classic B specifically for Sam's club. Sam's Club is listed on Vision's web site as the dealer for that model. How could they not be an authorized dealer?
  9. Thanks Magician. Ordered the bands and a TTT for my Akorn.
  10. I just came back from shopping at Sam's and the price was $499 for the Vision Classic B also.
  11. You are right! When I bought mine I read in large letters "100% all natural". I just looked at it in my freezer and the small letters at the bottom of the label says "up to a 4% marinade". I probably would have bought it anyway, but the next time I'll be more careful reading the label.
  12. I just came back from Walmart. They had butts priced at $1.77 lb. I don't know if that is regional or not, but I thought it was a good price.
  13. Thanks for the comments. I now know the reasons to prefer the classic to the professional, even if they were at the same price. Happy grilling.
  14. I am considering buying one or the other of these. Home Depot has the Pro S for $699 and Sams has the Classic B for $599. They appear to be the same size. The Pro S seems to have a better temperature control with the dials instead of the slider at the bottom. It also has an ash remover and a slot for an electric lighter (which I won't use). The ash removal would seem to be a big plus and I am guessing the dials would also be a big plus. Yet I have read in some comments in this forum people actually prefer the classic design to control temperature. I am also concerned about the number of people who have had gasket problems. Has anyone compared these two models and can nudge me to one or the other?
  15. I have made a searing basket like the one in the pinned topic, but have not used it yet. I plan to try it out on some rib eyes. Can you get your cooking heat hot enough by just filling up the basket with charcoal, or do you have to use charcoal in the firebowl as well? What temperature to cook on indirect heat and how long? How long to sear for medium rare?
  16. I came across some discounts available at Lowes. This worked for me today and amounts to 20% of retail price if you have a Chase Credit Card. Here is how it works. Order all of your product on line at Lowes.com thru the Chase site. For free delivery pick up at store. For the 10% cash back from Chase, go to Lowes.com thru the Chase site. Cash back is 5% and they are offering an additional 5% for Lowes purchases on their site. Of course this part only works if you have a Chase rewards credit card. When checking out use the following 10% discount code: 47000RRRRR9985R This will give you 10% off the retail price and you will get 10% cash back for your purchase. I realize that not everyone has a Chase card but for those that do, this would be a bargain. The coupon should work for the 10% discount even if you don't have the Chase credit card.
  17. I just bought my Akorn at Lowes. Lowes price is $299. Walmart price is $288. I copied the picture of the grill at Walmart that had the price in front of it on this forum. I also applied for a 10% moving coupon on Lowe's site 3 days ago. When I went to check on the grill I mentioned that Walmart was selling the same grill for $288 and showed him the picture. He told me, "no problem, we'll price match it." In checking out, I gave him the 10% coupon and that brought the price down to $260.80 ($288-$28.80=$260.80). I paid with my Chase Freedom card which has a 5% cash rebate for Lowes for the 2nd Quarter (Apr, May, June). This actually brought my cost down to $247. Discover card also has a 5% cash back for Lowes, Home Depot, etc. this Quarter. This worked for me and I thought I would pass it along. Note that my Walmart actually had the grill in stock.
  18. Greetings from Owensboro Kentucky, home of bourbon, Baptists, and bbq. I stumbled across this site in my quest to research Kamado grills for a new purchase. I am a frequent griller with charcoal and gas, but have never used a Kamado. A friend of my recently purchased a BGE which got me interested but I did not want to spend that kind of money on a grill. My current charcoal grill is an 18-1/2" kettle grill, gas is the Weber Spirit. Both of them are too small for my needs. I am leaning toward a Vision that Sam's has for $569. I am looking forward to this new way of grilling (for me).
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