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  1. 7 Butts if they are around the 8lb range each. 4 on bottom, 3 on extender rack. The issue is that some will finish before others and you may have to take off the top rack with the butts on them to get one off the main grate. Other than that, just make sure your fire doesn't go out because it's a pain to relight your charcoal.
  2. What I've learned from Kickstarter or crowd funded items: Wait until they release to retail and check the reviews or try one from someone who got one, then if it's really that great, pay the "premium" price. I think most of us find that only 1/2 of the crowd funded items are actually useful and worthwhile so it's probably better to buy them once they are released and you come out ahead in the long run. I'm still waiting on a hand coffee grinder that I funded 2 years ago that's been in "final production" for the last year.
  3. You've got a KJ, why not use the divide and conquer system for this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Or you could smoke and grill it. Go low (around 200) for the first 30-45 minutes with some small wood chunks or chips and the raise the temp for the last part for a sear.
  5. Congrats! Although I wouldn't say it's a step, more like a giant leap - you know, knight rider style where KIT flies over another car.
  6. I have the stoker as well. There are some secondary programs you can download so you can get emails or tweets on your cooker status. As far as I know, there's no remote way once you're out of your wifi range to change the temp on the stoker. Just beware that if there's a lot of wifi interference in your neighborhood, it will cause the system to disconnect often and it has to be rebooted. You have to find a frequency range that isn't being used. As CharcoalAddict stated, it takes a few minutes to get it set up, hardest part being configuration on your wifi router - make sure you have a really good and reliable one of those too. Asus makes one with a memory buffer that almost never disconnects. One word of advice on using the Stoker or similar controller. Don't close your bottom vent completely and solely depend on the fan to manage your temps. This can cause you to way overshoot your temps. Set your top vents, then leave small gap where the air controller connects to the Kamado. For example, if I'm targeting 250f, I will set the vents like I would for 225f, add the fan controller. Then I set my target temp for about 235f because if the fan runs for too long, your temps will overshoot by 50f, 75f, even 100f. Another factor is the quality of the lump you're using. Really easy to manage with more expensive lump that are big, but if you're using mid-lower quality lump such as Frontier, RO, Cowboy, etc. then the fan controller becomes your best friend for overnight cooks. At least you know you're fire won't die due to blocked airflow. Catch 22: Buy more expensive lump and you probably* don't need a controller or save money on cheaper lump and use the controller for overnight/awat cooks but with a piece of mind.
  7. No need to. Just make sure you stir it around to get rid of the ash and dump the ash bin. Get some bigger pieces in the middle. You may find some more smoke as you're lighting it the second time around but it'll dissipate after awhile. The fastest I ever got a brisket of that size cooking at 250f was about 12 hours. Usually I'm cooking about 12lb briskets in the range of 225-250 and that takes me a good 14-16 hours to get to 200f internal or higher. It could be the grate temp where the meat sits and your dome temp are off by more than just a few degrees. Did you use a deflector plate underneath? My temps are always measured at the grate.
  8. 8 hour seems to bit on the fast side if your temp was truly 250f for a 14lb brisket unless you wrapped during the stall with aluminum foil. What internal temp did you cook it to? What was your cooking set up? Was it wrapped at any point?
  9. Sorry to hear that John but glad that you got to make pizza at least. I looked at the Blackstone before deciding on a dedicated pizza oven but I ready didn't want to use a gas tank so I went with the Pizza Party Pizzone, which involves buring wood which turns out to be more complicated in managing oven temps... Once the weather clears up and I get a chance to practice on it, I'll post a review - I mean, totally not trying to get you to buy another toy
  10. What he said. And that it's for the "Family" to enjoy.
  11. Weight. I use a .001 gram and 1 gram scale. Some recipes call for tiny amounts of yeast. I find even .01 gram scales to be not sensitive enough if you're trying to measure say, .25 grams.
  12. Yeah, usually that's what I do for sous-vide, cook it longer to 145ish, but this was 160f and had the tenderness of something that was more like 145f.
  13. When I pulled that breast off and it was dripping a solid flow of juices for 15 seconds...I was just standing there going wtf...what happened to this chicken breast!!! A friend suggested the name "Maleficent" because what comes out of there is pure sorcery. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. This is so funny that you are more eager to see a cook than me lol. As promised, rosemary herb chicken breast, honey garlic chicken kabobs and a small half pork butt rub/half rosemary pork loin. We had some salad with leftover fried rice to go along with the meat. Started the grill with some apple wood smoke around 350f. The kabobs were good, couldn't tell a big difference compared to my previous cooks on the KJ. But then I knew I was in for something special when I grabbed the chicken breast with the tongs and a constant drip of juices just kept coming out for 15 seconds straight. I did probe the chicken a few times to make sure it was over 160f so that's probably what caused all the juices to flow out - not that it affected the chicken breast when I cut into it. Super tender! The texture is much like sous-vide chicken than any that I've grilled. That's impressive and my brain just couldn't process that it wasn't cooked in a water bath. Then the pork loin was pulled off at about 160ish as well. Wowzers! Unbelievably tender. It's probably the best tasting tenderloin I've ever had. That includes restaurants and the Joetissiere spun pork loin a few weeks back at the KJ demo I volunteered at. Texture was different than sous-vide, not necessarily better or worse but just the perfect combination of tenderness and flavor. No marination. Just 2 rubs put together right before the cook. Yeah, it's not a bad cooker... Haha, just kidding. It's awesome! Defying known laws of grilling as I know it. I haven't even started any low and slows yet. Can't wait. Someone want to ship me a prime brisket? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. The color is growing on me by the minute. You made an excellent choice in tile. I would have the hardest time picking a color out but I would have never thought of the green. I'm really impressed by the deign. If the iPod is on display in a museum, so should this! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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