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  1. I had the same problem and I had it warranty replaced through my dealer, without any shipping costs. However, the distributor asked to have the cracked firebox back.
  2. Andy, terrific cook! Will you also post the recipe in the side dishes forum?
  3. Great idea John. Is there a way to add multiple grills? EDIT : fix typo...
  4. I'm a bit relieved... It would have been awkward, explaining the poster to my girlfriend...
  5. Impressive (as usual). If you tell us that you roast your coffee on the Akorn Jr, I will hang a poster of you in my kitchen! And then I will ask you how you do it
  6. Wow! I didn't think you could do it on a Jr. I thought not being able to close the dome all the way meant no paela, unless one could find a small enough pan or one without handles. Once again Jerri, you've showed us how much the Jr can do surprisingly better than we thought
  7. Romas are on sale this week at a nearby grocery store. I'm going to listen to your advice and make more sauce with roma as the base. Thanks :-)
  8. I keep the skin and seeds in the sauce. I used to do the roasting in the oven before I had the kamado, and I always kept them. I do not know how it would taste without. I never found them to give an off taste when cooked this way. I thought of doing that too. It is on the list for future cooks. :-) I saved all of them except for the scorched skin that was touching the pan. Not as bad as it looks in the pictures. I suppose most of the carbonized stuff was tomato juice. It made a thicker sauce, which i like. Accidents sometimes lead to good outcomes. :-)I did some sauce without the skin in the past, but when I found that the taste was just fine with the skin when roasting the tomatoes, lazyness won. No need to boil the tomatoes a minute or so to take off the skin. Yay! Same goes for the seeds. Less work + more of each tomato in the sauce = me happy.
  9. Maybe the briquettes were for something else? A camp dutch oven? A portable kettle grill? I found it was perfect for our party of four (with a little planning). It takes the canning rack to have two levels of cooking, but it works great. How many did you feed with your Jr @Freddyj?
  10. Everything is done. Here's the rest of the story. I got carried away doing something else and took the tomatoes out 2h30 later, which was a bit much at 350 (dome). The bottom of each pan was scorched, especially the one right over the diffuser plates. (Bonus points to anybody who can teach me how to rotate pictures in this forum ) But I was sure they were salvageable. So I transfered the uncharred parts into a pot. The pans will soak overnight with Dawn Powerlifter. Mix everything well. Taste. Oh. Oooooooohhhhh. DEL-I-CIOUS! No need to simmer further. The charred skin actually added a lot of flavor to the neighbourghing flesh of the tomatoes, which made for a tasty sauce. Plus, the garlic had a nice roasted taste. A bit tiny too much pepper for me, but my girlfriend loves the taste of pepper and will certainly find it perfect. I thought of using it as a base for more elaborate sauces, but it will stand on its own, especially as a pizza sauce.
  11. Oh man there is nothing like kamado cooking at the campsite. Me and a few longtime friends have a tradition of one weekend of "only men allowed" camping each year. It's been going on for about 15 years. This year, I asked to be in charge of the food so I could do everything on my newly bought Jr kamado. The guys went crazy over the food. They asked me to take charge of food for all our future camping trips. I was happy to say yes!
  12. Everything looks extra yummy, but the pies are to die for. Hmmmm
  13. I bougth tomatoes and garlic at a local organic farmer's place to make some sauce. Halved them, diced the garlic, added salt, pepper, fresh parsley and fresh thyme, and put everything on a single layer in two pans. They went on my Primo Oval XL at 350 (dome temp) about an hour ago. When they are done (after some cooling time), I will turn them into sauce, simmer it for a while and then store it for future use. I will post pictures of these next steps. :-)
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