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  1. So i have been making good progress on my table for my KJ classic. I am at the point where construction is complete but I need to finish the table. I plan to do this by routing the edges of both levels and inside the hole for the kamado, sanding down the wood, applying a marine varnish finish. What grits do people use to sand their table to? Do people start off with a low grit and move up higher through the grits? Do people sand the framework as well as the surfaces?
  2. Hi, I am planning a table build for a classic kamado joe with 2 wheels at one end of the table. I cannot decide if the classic joe should go at the end with the wheels or the end which you would push the table. If I place the CJ at the end with the wheels then it would be easier to move (less heavy) but may be less stable especially going over a step into the garage. Does anyone have any experience or ideas on this? Thanks Tim
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