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  1. https://www.bbqandsmoke.co.uk/collections/smokeware/products/smokeware-minimax-cap-adaptor This is where i bought mine from in the uk last week along with the BGE cap . It works a treat and means i don't have to keep resetting my top vent when opening the jr. Unfortunately it looks like i got the last one in stock.
  2. Hi, I got a new primo XL last week and have so far managed a couple of cooks on it. One thing I have noticed is that the top vent slider is very loose and when i open the lid it slides around. I have tried tightening it up a bit but it went loose again pretty quickly. Has anyone else encountered this issue and are there any instructions to tighten it up so there is less sliding around? Cheers Tim
  3. They look great. Ive not seen garlic in the hot sauce before. I will have to try that.
  4. Thanks for the info. I have tried something similar to this but found that the gap reappeared when the bands were tightened again. Ill give it another go though.
  5. I recently replaced my gasket on the Joe Jr with the official KJ replacement gasket for the classic. I trimmed the excess so that everything fit however after replacement I noticed that there was an air gap at the front where the new gasket did not meet. I have read here that this can happen and that you need to adjust the bands to solve the issue. I have tried adjusting the bands maybe 5 or 6 times but nothing i do seems to remove the gap. I did a test cook on it yesterday and it cooked a roast just fine at 300 - 350 however I was busy so did not notice how long it took to heat up or cool down. I did not see any smoke coming out of the gap though. Does anyone have any guidance on adjusting the bands? The other option is to test a high and low heat cooks checking the heat up and cool down times and if there are no issues then I guess i can stop worrying.
  6. After looking into this I found it would not work. The width of the gasket is greater than the thickness of the joe jr ceramic walls..
  7. Hi, Has anyone replaced their joe jr gasket with a newer wire mesh gasket. I am about to replace the gasket on my classic I (pre 2017) and wanted to know if anyone has done the same for their jr. Thanks Tim
  8. So i have been making good progress on my table for my KJ classic. I am at the point where construction is complete but I need to finish the table. I plan to do this by routing the edges of both levels and inside the hole for the kamado, sanding down the wood, applying a marine varnish finish. What grits do people use to sand their table to? Do people start off with a low grit and move up higher through the grits? Do people sand the framework as well as the surfaces?
  9. Hi, I am planning a table build for a classic kamado joe with 2 wheels at one end of the table. I cannot decide if the classic joe should go at the end with the wheels or the end which you would push the table. If I place the CJ at the end with the wheels then it would be easier to move (less heavy) but may be less stable especially going over a step into the garage. Does anyone have any experience or ideas on this? Thanks Tim
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