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    vtima reacted to baileybbq in B & B charcoal $11.99/20 lbs at Ace hardware   
    Their rub is also on sale but the sale price is about the same as CGS' regular price so probably not  as good as a deal.
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    vtima reacted to El_Norteno60 in Cold Smoked Salmon - I'm In Love!   
    This is a "just for fun" post... I've always loved "oddball" expensive foods, like cold smoked salmon and beef jerky, and since getting started on kamado cooking this summer, I've starting playing with making my own. This forum and YouTube are truly wonderful things! I hosted a scotch tasting the other day, and I pulled out my first hickory smoked salmon plate, and it disappeared in no time... It was a bit salty to my taste, but it was good. Yesterday I pulled off my second, and I left the salmon in the water bath for twice as long, to bring the salt level down. To my tastebuds, this is superb, and exactly where I want it:

    The other thing that I'm discovering is higher quality knives, and I've included my knew Global knife, which I used to get the slices thin enough to put on crackers and such:

    I'll be doing this again... Sorry, gotta to, the jerky's calling me on the Big Joe! Thanks for checking this out.
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    vtima reacted to Cgriller64 in Best Kamado cookbook?   
    I recommend this forum. Best Kamado cookbook available IMHO.
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    vtima reacted to Beermachine in Cured and Cold Smoked Salmon   
    This week’s project was a first. Did not think this was going to turn out too good half way through the cure. Cold smoked it with Alder wood pellets today and it is a huge success! Better than the bought stuff for sure! This will be a regular menu item from now on.

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    vtima reacted to Beermachine in Cured and Cold Smoked Salmon   
    I used this 12 inch smoking tube from Amazon:
    Filled it with alder wood pellets and lit it with a torch. After a couple of minutes of burning blew the flames out and set it at the base of the KJ Classic II with the KAB removed. Opened the bottom and top vents up fully as well as removed the ash tray. Placed the heat deflectors in the lower position and then let it go. The tube lasted 5 hours and produced no heat at all with the deflectors in. Was a cool day at 40F, so this worked in my favor. No airflow issues at all. Smouldered slowly and evenly for the full time. The smoke smelled pretty harsh after it came out, but that dissipated quickly after a couple of hours in the fridge. Sliced it up and all was great. The smoke profile was much better today after resting.
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    vtima reacted to daninpd in Fatty   
    My doctor is able to track what I look at online.  He wants a word with you.  But, from my standpoint, that looks really good.
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    vtima reacted to LostArrow in Fast Track Brisket on the CGK   
    15 lb whole brisket, with moderate fat trimming , slathered with mustard & BBQ rub.
    Smoked over charcoal & pecan chunks.
    Temp ran from 275F - 300F, at six hours in the temp was about 165F , then put in large foil pan & tightly covered. Put on gas grill upper rack @ 275 till temp was about 188F , the temperature probe went in like a knife through butter.
    Very tender & tasty!

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