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  1. Fellow enthusiasts, I was using the weber grate setup with a 12 inch stone setting on top. I was in a hurry and forgot to preheat the stone. Needless to say, it cracked when I was doing an indirect cook on my christmas turkey. My question is, do I go for the Chargriller Smokin' Stone or I've been eyeing a 12 x 12 x 1 square stone on amazon from California Pizza stones. I'm leaning toward the California stone, as it has been tested upwards of 2300 degrees with no need to preheat. Does anyone know what the Smokin' Stone is rated for? and has anyone ever experience cracking? Thank you.
  2. Thanks for everyone's input. I went ahead and purchased the Maverick ET 85. Much appreciated, and thanks for the suggestions. I was looking for a Maverick without the remote device, and this seems to fit what i was looking for.
  3. Has anyone done any modifications as far as the height of the warming rack? If I wanted to do multiple larges cuts of meat I'm afraid the warming rack is too low and would inhibit the amount of food being loaded onto the main grilling surface. My thinking is increase the height of the warming rack as to load her up to the brim.
  4. If you haven't bought your AKORN yet, Menard's has them on sale for 269.99 until May 11 (tomorrow).
  5. Has anyone calibrated the stock thermometer on the Akorn? If so how, and is it pretty close to what the digital thermometers are reading? Also does anyone have a relatively inexpensive suggestion on the digital thermometers? I would like the one with the 2 probes, one for the grill temp and the other for the meat temp. Thanks, and happy grilling on this beautiful Mother's Day weekend.
  6. Greetings fellow grilling enthusiasts. After owning an inexpensive offset smoker for 4 years, I was getting tired of chasing my heat and tending the fire every 20 minutes. So after 3 weeks of exhaustive research I settled on the Chargriller Akorn ( Big Red) from Menards. I am ecstatic! Any tips on where to get the diffuser grate is much appreciated. Also, I was thinking of using a pizza stone and setting it on top as my diffuser. Again, I am super stoked to join this forum. Erik
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