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  1. Yes, would be interested to get my hands on these plans as well for my Big Joe. We're trying to decide what type of table to build and this would solve a few problems with space, etc. I have an initial draft for vertical and bottom frame assembly. Top frame portion and tabletop we had to improvise on the go. We were going for a compact solution, but the table could be extended on either side. Kamado Joe Table.pdf.
  2. Marty, Load bearing 4x4 are joined with combination of 1 1/2" galvanized steel pipe passing thru the post into the middle of horizontal piece to carry the weight and 8" lag screws to tie it together. Pipe is 12" nipple cut in half. Exposed tread is covered with matching cap. Gorilla glue is used to keep the pipe snag in place. Top is joined with lag screws only.
  3. Chunky Chips, Table height is 35", cooking surface is at about 38".
  4. It is a Big Joe which is 24" in diameter. Useful table surface area is about 480 sq. in. on each side (not including the bottom shelf).
  5. No dogs, but after your post I have to put in some boody-traps soon.
  6. Product of several weekends working with my son. Table turned out to be more expensive then SS unit sold by KJ (don't tell my wife)...
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