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  1. I would be very cautious on the buy-in. This is a very loose, fun group where owners have stopped managing their teams in previous seasons. I would like to see this stay friendly. I would not go higher than $50. On another note, I may have an opening in a 16 team (the toughest fantasy league you can imagine) league that has been running for 13 seasons. We draft on Labor Day at 7:00pm and the buy-in is $100. If any of you have an interest in learning more, send me a PM.
  2. I'm in! Please stay away from Labor Day Weekend for the draft. The Tuesday or Wednesday after is perfect. Thanks for organizing again. BBQ Boy
  3. Mine is raylee2484@gmail.com . Thank again for organizing the league.
  4. I thought Eli was planning to take me backwards to make the game close. Brees would have made things interesting. Happy New Year to everyone...
  5. Fun year guys! Thanks for organizing everything. I am relocating to Burlington, Vermont next month, and if there is internet service (just kidding), I would be willing to help to organize things. It will not be on NFL.com, I promise. Survive the winter.....
  6. Why don't you just bench Ebron (he is hurting anyway) and we can both sleep well tonight.
  7. Watching my game with InGlorious Staffords (Flat Rate) on the NFL scoring site. Our projected result changes with every catch by Brown or Bryant in the Steelers game or sack by the Bengals or Seahawks. Watching Domers coming from way far back to make a run on Turd Blossoms. Fun fantasy football day!
  8. Agreed. There is an obligation to each other. That is why I stopped doing fantasy football with strangers in free leagues. I had hoped this was different. Sorry guys.
  9. Looks like we are heading towards four 7-6 teams playing for the final two playoff spots in week 14. TurdBlossoms and Big Dawg go head-to-head for one spot, while InGlorious Staffords has the inside track (total points) over Mile High for the other if they both win. Exciting stuff. Good luck boys, Grilled Domers and I will be waiting for you in week 15! BBQ Boy
  10. Porkchop gave me a whoopin' this past week, taking advantage of my poor running back with a broken arm. Sorry Pimp My Kamado, but I need to take it out on someone this week....
  11. It's all about timing, and this season, injuries. Bye weeks are always a challenge. I realized this week that I had five RBs on my roster, and four of them had a week #9 bye. Started working on Plan B.....
  12. Welcome to my world. Last season I had the 2nd most points during the season and didn't make the playoffs. In my 16 team league I have the 14th fewest points and a 2-1 record. I guess it all evens out in the end....
  13. Yes, yes and yes. CBS is the gold standard, ESPN is the best for free. We will all survive. Nothing on you Flat_Rate, we are all learning this together.
  14. Thanks, but nothing right now. Most of my issues were preparing for the draft, and finding some of the features I needed. Good luck to everyone (except when you play me).
  15. I had a terrible time trying to figure out the NFL.com site. It didn't help that I was four rounds into my own 16 team draft on CBS when this one started. I thought my head was going to explode. I am still having trouble finding a direct route to various functions on the NFL site. Good luck to everyone, it ought to be interesting. Ray (aka BBQ Boy)
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