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  1. Hi Kara, I use Knob Creek for a bunch of things...lol...i didnt mention i injected the brisket with Knob Creek before i rubbed with the Peppers. Only issue is Knob is $85 dollars a bottle over here....and when its 29 in the US its an expensive injection lol..... Andrew.
  2. Hi All , Had a lazy 12 to kill yesterday...being Sunday here in Oz..so decided to drop a 12lb Brisket under the kamado and sit back and wait. Rub consisted of three peppers... green.... white.... and Black peppercorns ground in my mortar and pestle till a powder then added good whack of sea salt and some garlic powder. Into the fridge till 5am then under the lid it went. This is it the 5 hr mark. At on this temp for complete 12 hrs. Foiled it at the 8hr mark and added a drop or three of Knob Creek to bring up the flavor. :-) And this is the end result
  3. Kara, Thanks for sharing the recipe.....being an ex shrimp fisherman here in Australia.....i will definitely be trying this little number out...and with a huge amount of cayenne...love it spicy....
  4. Whole egg mayo, cayenne pepper , white pepper lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, It closer to pink sauce with the amount of cayenne pepper I put in it. It great with brisket and a side of pickled onion. Cheers, Andrew
  5. All washed down with a BLUE MOON and a Knob Creek to savor after a great southern low and slow BBQ feast
  6. Hi All, This weekend just gone here in Sydney has seen some rather bad cold windy weather. What better opportunity than this to fire up the Kamado and get cooking. Decided on Pulled pork sliders and Beef ribs using the 3,2,1,method. Ribs with 12hrs of home made rub. Pork Neck before smoking with home made rub at 12hrs in fridge. Sat at 235F all day for 10hrs no spike...just cooked like a dream. Stacked ready to rock and roll. And final result after 10hrs in kamado and two hrs in the Esky. And the end result a pork Slider with slaw and some spic
  7. Thanks for that Ski... Here in Australia the range of Smokers are few and far between. We have Yode Smokers here and they are brilliant...just the fact they are the same cost as a small Caribbean island that causes the problem. I am looking at a Horizon 24"Smoker at present ...if can get it shipped to Sydney. Cheers, Andrew.
  8. From this ........ To the bottom pic...in 5 x 14hr days........ Soon to have the bar and Butchers block make bench on the deck also. And of course the wet bar...lets face it ...we dont BBQ cause we love it....we BBQ cause we can get away with beer and bourbon on a daily basis...
  9. Yeah buying a cheap kitchen and pulling it out saved me $$$$ big time.....so i could focus on getting it in and the granite bench is great for all the things we do in BBQ as lets face it...everything that comes off a grill is ....wel.. HOTT!!!!! lol...
  10. Yes i agree....i have almost completed the out door kitchen...will post pics once tiling and kick-boards etc are in.......i picked up a kitchen with granite counters and all the cupboards for $250 on ebay and set about building the whole man-cave thing out side..... just have to get a larger beer fridge and im sweet.......still working out where to put my offset smoker so i can just set it up and leave it.
  11. Initial firing after completing the table build.
  12. Thanks Guys, Have now done the initial firing so to speak....and will be into some low and slow brisket this weekend to get the party started.....a good excuse to sit and watch with a beer in hand me thinks......
  13. Yes the 23yr old Family Reserve......tarcked a bottle down when i was in the US earlier this year...and shipped it home in a Pelican case as i work for them...lol.....
  14. Scotch....Tasliskers Bourbon.....Knob Creek,Buffalo Trace Beer.....Fat Tire Moonshine...well i might be in OZ but hey...we have corn and its not hard to make a good brew ....so apple jack is really popular in my BBQ area. LOL And when im really feeling rich....Pappy Van Winkle.....only a very rare occasion i get that out....and FYI...i dont share that one...lol....
  15. Great job....really high quality cabinet work....
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