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  1. For those of you using the cast iron or soapstone cooking surface on your KJ, do you use a half-moon or full-moon? That is to say, to you make a complete flat top or just a half? Just curious as to what the prevailing custom is. Thanks!
  2. Small adjustments & don't chase the a precision temperature. If the grill settles in the ballpark of the temp you were shooting for, that's good enough. Electric starter is a nice, cheap, mindless way to start charcoal fairly rapidly.
  3. Looks good. I get these occasionally, too, and use them marinated for bulgogi.
  4. I'm not sure there is a manual with the D&C system. I think you just may have to look at the D&C section on the KJ website and wing it.It shows what the "setups" are to be used for.
  5. Or use when grilling to add a quick shot of light smoke flavor.
  6. jackjumper101, that's a good story. I'm an old law student myself. Never had a 911, though!
  7. Just did one of these last night per your video....very good!
  8. Some questions about the KJ Classic. I've had mine for about three years now, and I am and have been been happy with it. I'm completely OEM, or stock. But I've got some questions about airflow. It seems that it takes a long time for the grill to settle in to a cooking temperature with a cool, not heavy, smoke. Perhaps I was spoiled with the Weber system (Gold or WSM) where I never really gave a thought to it and it never seemed to be a problem; I just lit the charcoal, threw on the wood chunks, and started cooking. How long should a KJ take to settle into a low and slow (like 275) and be ready to cook without heavy smoke? 45 minutes or an hour? Is that the same for a BGE? What difference would it make if it was set for a reverse sear at 275, with the grate in the left low and the diffuser on the right, high? Would it help to remove the ash pan/drawer to promote airflow? Would a KAB speed up the time between ignition and cook ready? Finally, would it hurt the grill if I cooked without the ash pan/drawer? A BBQ dealer suggested it was an airflow issue, but the dealer wasn't a KJ dealer. I'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.
  9. I tried a bag of the Vision. It was ok...it had some nice pieces but also had a sizable amount of dust. Not as good as Royal Oak, but better than Cowboy. Sparky.
  10. I don't understand what you mean. How does the ash drawer cause the cracks and what is killing the ash drawer?
  11. My KJ cover for the Classic has been fine and shows no sign of wear after a year. I wouldn't shy away from a KJ cover.
  12. Kamado Joe Classic (red); Hagerstown, Maryland
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