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  1. Somehow my member topic says "Looking for Charcoal" and I'm not sure what I did to create this and I can't find where to edit it. Help says its on the My Settings page but I can't find where to edit it. Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Just a quick intro: I saw my first Akorn at Lowes a little over two years ago I believe and started researching if I should take the plunge. I quickly found this forum and John's Man Cave Meals videos, which gave me all the encouragement I needed. I cut my smoking teeth by using a red electric Brinkman which I used for probably 10 years. I love the upgrade to the Akorn and wish to thank all the contributors to this forum where I have been lurking since I found it. I just purchased a new Akorn for my 26 year old son for a house warming gift as he just bought his first house a month ago. I'm looking forward to passing my little knowledge on but have already told him to start out by browsing around here.
  3. I have actually done 4, on three different occassions. I normally buy my butts from Sams in 2-packs. It seems total weight was around 30 pounds. I even crowd them on the bottom rack. Granted, it's probably not the best idea, but to be honest I haven't noticed any issues. I usually put my thermometer in the smallest butt and double wrap it in foil when it's 190 degrees and let it rest in a cooler and then temp the bigger ones making sure they get to 190 before removing the same way. It probobly takes a little mote attention to the grill during the cook. I just ordered a TTT and am looking forward to seeing how it works. Maybe I'll get some decent sleep next time.☺
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