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  1. roasterdave

    My first attempt

    So I was a little disappointed with the marbling, but I guess that's what you get for a $60 piece of "commercial grade" meat. I sous vide a test piece for 90 minutes then seared it in duck fat. Great taste but not as tender as I had hoped (maybe a little longer sous vide next time) , at least equal to a steak at a run of the mill steakhouse. I would call it a success and now it's time for a visit to Costco for something better. Great TdF, I would have been happy with any of the top 4 in the maillot jaune all really nice guys that gave their all.
  2. roasterdave

    My first attempt

    Day 21 Day 28
  3. roasterdave

    My first attempt

    I'm aiming for 35 days, that seems to be what most of the posts I've read say is the optimum time. The timing is just right to have a Tour de France victory celebration barbeque.
  4. roasterdave

    My first attempt

    Day 14 and still looking good.
  5. roasterdave

    Kamado Big Block at Lowes

    I picked up 3 bags today. Second last day of the sale and they didn't have the sale price in the system. I wonder how many people didn't check their receipt and ended up paying full price.
  6. roasterdave

    Been away for a while

    They say everything happens for a reason. I posted the above photo on Facebook and a friend of a friend contacted me about a Big Joe he had for sale. Long story short I am now the proud owner of a previously enjoyed Big Joe for just over $100 more than the Pit Boss. This was the grill I've been wanting for years but could never justify the price (by justify I mean convince my wife).
  7. roasterdave

    Been away for a while

    I assume they come off the boat from China and are warehoused then shipped out when ordered. I wanted a red one which was only available on line, there are 3 Costco stores within 20 minutes of me but they only stock the black one.
  8. roasterdave

    Been away for a while

    So I took a half day off work yesterday to sit home waiting for the delivery truck to show up sometime between 10 and 2. They arrived and unloaded, I inspected the outside of the crate and saw no visible signs of damage so I signed off and they left. I then started cutting away the banding and removing all the cardboard inserts and removed the inner box and couldn't believe my eyes. Spend a few minutes with Costco customer service and arranged to have a replacement shipped and have this one picked up. They were very good about it but it's still a PITA as I'll probably have to take more time off work for the next delivery. I'll definately open the next one before the delivery guys leave.
  9. roasterdave

    My first attempt

    Day 7, time to flip fat side down.
  10. roasterdave

    My first attempt

    The unit I'm using to age with is actually a small freezer (according to the model number) that I bypassed the thermostat on. I substituted in a controller that a lot of people use for home brewing, the STC-1000. I left the defrost circuitry intact so the internal fan is running full time. The temperature seems to hold between 1.5° and 2.8°C. I have the striploin in an UMAi bag and now I just wait I guess.
  11. roasterdave

    My first attempt

    I didn't want to spend a lot on my first attempt so I bought this Commercial Beef Striploin for less than $60. I'm not sure what is meant by "commercial" but their web site says it is Canada AA or better so I figured is was worth a shot. It will only get better with dry aging, right?
  12. roasterdave

    Been away for a while

    It appears it has been 4 years since my last post. I haven't been using my Akorn much and after making a mediocre pizza on it last weekend I convinced my wife I needed a ceramic kamado. So on the weekend I ordered a red Pit Boss from Costco and am patiently waiting for it's arrival. Well not so patient since it was picked up in Langley BC on Monday and made it all the way to Richmond BC where it sat for 3 days. But it now appears to be on it's cross country trip to Ontario hopefully arriving in time for the July 1st Canada Day weekend.
  13. roasterdave

    Kamado Joe Blow Lighter: Demo

    I was in Costco in Kitchener yesterday buying charcoal on sale and saw these lighters, they had a stack of them.
  14. roasterdave

    New here from Southern Ontario

    Just signed up today after lurking for a week or so. I've had a Chargriller Akorn for a few years now and just tried my first low and slow pork butt last weekend. I had some trouble with heat control so I started searching around and came across some good advice here so I signed up. Looking forward to hanging out here. Dave!
  15. Thanks for the tip, I usually stock up in the fall before they pull it off the shelves so I still have a bag and a half but that price is too good to pass up. It's been a long cold winter and I'm ashamed to say I didn't get much grilling in.