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  1. ... sorry this happened to you, however my personal experience with Sams is that they'll take it back for refund or exchange with no problems at all ... assuming, of course, you have your receipt.
  2. Nope ... you're wrong ... the best way to learn is to ask - and then listen to the answer one gets from - an experienced person ... thus THIS question: Have you developed what you would consider an appropriate/ideal/recommended wood chunk - lump charcoal ratio to achieve a good, but not acrid, smoke flavor?
  3. Did this yesterday ... The Lady Ann was - shall we say - MOST PLEASED with the results, as - of course - was I. I ended up with a throughout dome temp of around 250 and a grill-level ambient temp of around 270. Chose not to wrap until I took it off, so the bark was spectacular. Timing at those temps, for me, with a 7# flat, was on at 10:00, 205 IT and probe-tender, so off at 16:45, wrapped and in the cooler 'till 19:00 and mega grins at din-din time. Thanks for the informative video and recipe!
  4. ... looked good on facebook, looks even better here ... Thanks for (both ...) posts
  5. The Lady Ann has a part-time job at a local library with the responsibility of reshelving returned books. She gets to see lots of interesting materials and she just brought this book home: Backyard Grilling Tonight we tried this simple little Lemon Herb Chicken recipe which we liked ... a lot!! Ingredients: Four boneless skinless chicken breast halves about 6 ounces each Marinade 1/3 cup lemon juice 1/3 cup canola oil 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 3/4 teaspoon onion salt 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme 1/2 teaspoon pepper One or two cloves of garlic, minced Place chicken breasts in a zipper style plastic bag. In a small bowl whisk marinade ingredients together and pour the marinade over the chicken breasts. Marinate in refrigerator for eight hours turning occasionally, then cook. I cooked it, lid closed, over direct heat at a dome temperature of around 375, 6 minutes per side, through two complete (A-B, A-B) cooking cycles and then finished it, direct, lid open, turning often, until I got the coloring I wanted. Next time, I'll probably cut the first step cooking times down to 4 minutes per side as the food temp measured done well before I got the browning I wanted. If you try it, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
  6. Please be gentle with me if the answer is glaringly obvious, but why do you use your KAB AND your BGE Fire grate? I took my KJ fire grate out and have my KAB sitting directly over the ash pit. It seems to work great, and no issues at all ... yet ... what am I risking that I'm not thinking about? Thanks.
  7. Ouch ... may be redundant, but really glad you came through that OK ...
  8. W O W!!! Glad all is OK ... Do you care to share what happened leading to that image?
  9. I just re-read the recipe and - as arrogant as this is going to sound - I believe that the directed temp has to be a misprint, and that it should have read 325. I base this especially on the timing estimate that it should take 60 - 90 minutes to cook. I do, however, remain open to alternative ideas.
  10. I need a little help thinking this through, please ... We cooked the Hawaiian Huli-Huli Turkey Breast With Teriyaki Sauce recipe from Meathead's book last night. While the turkey was good, as was the marinade, the cooking directions called for indirect heat at 225 degrees. I followed the directions, and the dish took, seemingly, forever. Actually, when this tiny little breast still wasn't up to temp after 3 hours, I butterflied it, finished it direct, and finally got me some dinner. So my question is this ... I understand the value of low and slow for tough meats that need the time to be made tender, but is there any logic to low and slow turkey breast? I have searched through the turkey/turkey breast recipes here at Guru Central, and they all seem to call for 350ish temp ranges. What am I missing? Thanks ... Milt
  11. Any idea where these are manufactured? I couldn't find it posted on their web site. Thanks ...
  12. Please explain, in simple terms, your purpose in running this poll. Is there a specific action you plan to take, a specific decision you plan to make, or a specific recommendation you plan to make based upon the results of your survey?
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