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  1. There should have been a cast heat deflector with it.
  2. dj-ia

    Kontrol Tower

    Anyone here know where to purchase the stainless steel version of the Kontrol tower? Bbq Guys is out of stock. KJ-SSKT
  3. Here’s a better pic I made the kids some ribs yesterday. I’m up for my 3rd surgery in 6 months Wednesday of this week. Price lowered to $2300, also can meet around central Iowa or Iowa Minnesota border if necessary.
  4. @ckreef Lol no problem at all. I also had a black classic that I have to my daughter and son in law but can’t find that pic. I may have that cooker problem many of us get accused of.
  5. @lunchman the “little guy” was the first because we found him at a dealer dropping the Golden’s line. We liked the build quality so much we decided to get the “ big guy”. Here he is:
  6. Here’s the big joe. We’ll have the Big Golden’s out later today and I’ll snap a pic
  7. Ill have to dig through my phone and see what I have. Here’s the mini Max, my first classic, and Komodo
  8. Thanks for the great detailed info
  9. We bought and received this great cooker mid December, and have burned roughly 15# of pellets through it. I had a couple surgeries since the beginning of the year and the “house finance manager” says either this or our Golden’s Kamado should be sold to go toward paying those bills. We paid $2800 and it came with 80# of pellets. I have 2 full 20# bags of hickory pellets plus a fairly full hopper that will go with it. I thought I had pics in my phone and don’t so I will get those taken and posted Monday evening. We are looking to get $2500. Located in North Central Iowa. PM for more info
  10. I also have both the mini and full cart version. They are both amazing and cook very well. I have owned Kamado joes big and classic along with a mini Max as well s a KK 23”. Love them all and love the CI cookers also
  11. If you’re into craft beer hit Saint Arnold’s, and the Karbach breweries. Haven’t ate at any local BBQ places though
  12. Have owned both the Grilla Silverbak (gave to my son), and have their kamado looking flagship Grilla now. Love them both
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