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  1. Still have this beauty and another price drop for the package. Let’s do $4250...
  2. dj-ia

    Late Night Guajillio Chicken

    Trying to replicate this delicious dish right now! Thanks for the post and idea Kismet
  3. Everything is still available
  4. I just realized I wasn’t very clear when I posted. I am thinking of just splitting the side table and leaving the cooker and accessories together.
  5. I am also willing to separate the package. PM me if interested
  6. Price drop for any KG members, friends or family. $4500 for the package.
  7. Still available several nibbles but no biter as of yet.
  8. dj-ia

    Hello from hot Oman, Middle East

    This is going to be an interesting thread!
  9. @shuleyOh he’s been used although I’m gone for work all week. That picture is from when he was first uncrated.
  10. @KismetKamadoI’m in Webster City so........ he has more Terra than blue. He’s calling you...
  11. We have made a life change and “Komo” isn’t able to go where we’re going. He has a full array of accessories which include the shallow right hand side table with stainless top from Dennis, an extra charcoal basket, basket splitter, double bottom drip pan, 8” rotisserie basket, and Onegrill 4PM05 motor. We have owned Komo since the last week of July 2016 and he’s never left the garage or been out in the elements. I’m asking $4750 for the setup. ( Dennis if this post is an issue please let me know and delete)
  12. For others out there considering a pellet cooker, I have owned the Silverbac for a little over a year and it is a quality product that puts Darned good smoke flavor on your food, and we love our smoke. Can’t go wrong with this one in my opinion. I also have a Kamado joe classic, a Cookshack, and Komodo Kamado 23 in my arsenal. You’re correct on not having too many cookers. The Camp Chef should do a great job for you. Keep us updated on your cooks.
  13. dj-ia

    Just saw this; it's got to be heavy!

    According to the FAQ section the grill/cart combo weighs in at 450#. The grill is 330#, and the cart 120#.