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  1. Thanks! I haven't read yet, but I am always willing to learn more about cooking.
  2. I ordered 60 and got all 60 three days later and the boxes all weighed in at 5 pounds each. I haven't had time to get a net weight yet. Ordered with the 25% coupon. Thanks! This place is making me broke saving money!
  3. I would have ate the whole thing. The way I see it you would be ahead when you start the weight loss challenge. Plus drink lots of fluids before the weigh in.
  4. I have used it one time since building. It seems that the charcoal burns hotter than the stock grate using the same charcoal from the same bag. The grate spacing is about right (I used the weber grill spacing). I hope the air space between the fire ceramic and the basket reduces the chance the fire box cracks (I doubt it). The vent settings are a little more sensitive. It does make it easy to clean the ashes, clean and reload the charcoal. I think the temperature overall stays more uniform from better air circulation to the charcoal. I need to use it several more times to get a clearer opinion of how it affects the grill. The charcoal doesn't fall through the grate on the bottom any worse than the stock grate.
  5. Couldn't find what I really wanted in a "fire basket". I had looked at several pictures and fire grates other people had made and I came up with this. The top ring has a cross piece to used as a handle for ease of handling. The top ring also works as support for a diffuser. The bottom ring with crossbars spaced 1/2 inch apart act as the fire grate. It is roughly 12 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall. All the round stock is 3/8 stainless steel. Mesh is also stainless steel. Pictures are worth a thousand words.
  6. I heard they sold out. I think might have been a special run, because Vision Grill never listed them on their web site.
  7. Another for Oak Ridge Black Ops for brisket is my go to rub.
  8. Get both at once. Get a big cast iron skillet and cut off the handle or a cast iron deep dish pizza pan and put sand in it. The sand will catch drippings also.
  9. May is over and June has started. I was wondering when the Pro Joe review might appear? Thanks!
  10. Well Laurie Copeland at Vision Grills set it up so I could keep the table and exchange the broken grill at the closest Sam's Club to me (50 miles away). I took the broken grill back and picked up a regular Classic that they carry. I checked it before I left the parking lot the best I could without totally removing the card board and found no damage visible. I am very happy how Vision Grills addressed the problem. The only problem was the manager had told them to exchange the grill and they tried to give a little over $300 back because of the difference in the combo set and the regular grill price with tax. When I refused to accept the money it took 20 minutes to straighten it out. Haven't set it up yet, but will tomorrow. But I am at peace with the world now.
  11. Don't anybody mention Rib Racks or we will all be arrested.
  12. The table is super sturdy and I tend to over build stuff myself. The stainless steel leg are about twice as thick as needed. It is an fantastic value. The granite top would cost half or more of the whole combo.
  13. Pictures of table and assembled combo tomorrow. Hopefully with smoke.
  14. I sent Vision Grills an email with photos. Hope to hear back from them on Tuesday. As good as they package stuff I am really amazed that the grill got damaged. The box it was in showed no trauma.
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