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  1. My wife bought an 18.5 lb. Turkey. She said that was all they had but that's beside the point. Is there anything I should do different with a bird that big? I plan on doing it like john did in his video.
  2. I liked the publix lump but the last bag I bought had very few big pieces,mostly very small chunks and shards.
  3. I did my first pizza on the akorn last night. It came out pretty good. I just did a basic pepperoni and red onions for the toppings. The shape was a little funky but the taste was great. I got the temp up to 450 dome temp which means my stone was probably I'm guessing in the525 range. It took right at 10 minutes. None of it was burnt at all. The only question I have is when I opened the lid I had flames all around the edges of my diffuser. Not like a flare up but like it was burning like that with the lid closed. Has anyone else had this happen?
  4. Dang I know better than to look at these pics when I'm hungry. Looks great.
  5. I do the 3-2-1 method on ribs or some variation of it and typically I ramp the heat up for the last stage anyway. So when I do both ribs and chicken I put the chicken on when I take the ribs out of the foil. Typically the ribs don't take a full hour in the last stage but I rest them wrapped in foil in a cooler and they are still hot when the chicken is done.
  6. In my opinion the versatility of a kamado is where it shines. There may be grills that grill better or smokers that smoke better,by that is what they do. With a kamado you can go from along smoke and crank it right up for other foods that require more heat without having to add fuel. For the regular backyard bbquer I don't think any other cooker will fit all your needs like a kamado will.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I figured it was a grease fire. Funny thing was it didn't start until I started removing the wings I did have a diffuser in place. I guess the extra air coming in with the lid open caused enough flare to catch some grease. I haven't done wings before but have done plenty of chicken thighs legs and breasts as well as whole birds and never had this problem.
  8. Sunday I did some abt's and smoked wings. I got temp to about 275 did the abt's first when they were done I put the wings on. They were marinated in mojo after about 45 minutes I cranked the eat up to finish. I had a diffuser in. When I went to take them off I had a full blown fire some of the wings were even on fire. The ones that weren't burnt were great. Any ideas what caused this?
  9. I have not done a pizza yet and that is my next cook. Has anyone ever used one of the pre made crystal and how do they turn out? What about store bought dough?
  10. I voted 5-8 times per month,but since I got the cgk a little over a week ago I have already surpassed that number. I do most of the cooking in our house because of my wife and my schedules and the oven hasn't been opened since I got the kamado. I can't wait to broaden my horizons and see all the different things I can do on it.
  11. Hunting. Ian a turkey hunting addict and in the fall I like to fill the freezer with venison and wild pork. I also like to fish but its just to fill time between hunting seasons.
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