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  1. Yea, the unfortunate part for me was that I couldn't wait for a sale because I needed it here for next week. Maybe if FireCraft marks it down for Black Friday they will price match. I don't know their policy. At any rate, I did get the one that has all the parts. http://www.firecraft.com/product/bbq-guru-cyberq-wifi-standard-package-cermamic-grill/bbq-thermometers
  2. Thanks for the input everyone. I'm new on this particular forum and didn't have my notifications on so I didn't even realize anyone had replied. I had not heard of the FireCraft website. Their price was much better than BBQGuys. I just ordered a CyberQ from FireCraft, hoping to use it for my Turkey cook this coming week. Just had an idea to start a thread on "favorite" websites everyone goes to for supplies/accessories for their grilling and smoking. Has this been done? It's not against the rules is it? Thanks again! Tom
  3. Looking for a best price for a BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2 or CyberQ. I've found them at the bbqguys.com site for 299 adn 429 repectively. Hoping some of you can point me to a reputable site with a great price on these units. Thanks in advance!
  4. Well, my Primo Oval XL is on order and should be in within a few days. I'm on the outskirts of Jacksonville FL
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