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  1. New to SV. need some help

    It does take some playing around with time and temperature to find something that works for you. We've never had anything turn out 'bad', but we have ended up with some doneness or textures that we didn't like as much. It's amazing how much difference you can find in a few degrees. We've found that we like steaks at 133° for an hour with a sear with a grate as low down as it goes - about a minute per side with a few flips throughout. It's on the high side of medium-rare and gives us the texture that my wife prefers. If her daughters are home, they like it around 130 or so. So I just do them all at 130 and give a longer sear on my wife's steak. I can't help with the crispy fat - I trim off all the fat once it hits my plate; I just can't eat it. Did you flip the steak on to the fat side while searing? That might help a bit.
  2. Great video - loved the "that much ketchup" bit The glaze sounded really interesting. I recently started making my own ginger beer and it surprisingly simple. I follow the Serious Eats recipe, but have tweaked a bit to suit my tastes - a bit less sugar, a bit more lime juice. I've tried both bread and champagne yeast and couldn't tell the difference. If you drank they side-by-side, you might be able to tell.
  3. Sous Vide $49.98 at Sams Club

    Good to know. That's frequently the downside to the lower cost controllers - they drift in temperature by a few degrees. Not a huge deal if you're cooking big hunks of meat, but if you are trying something that requires a finer touch, like eggs, you'd get varying results. Glad to see this one works well!
  4. Ruixin Pro Has Humbled Me

    What kind is that older one, Ben? And what did you upgrade to? I might be interested. Thanks!
  5. Can this be for real?

    I don't think you'd get very far. Retailers are under no obligation to meet a pricing error. Most brick and mortars usually do, as a matter of customer service, but there is no legal requirement. I don't think most brick and mortars would have sold this grill at that price error. And when a B&M does it, it would be for one customer. When Amazon has an error, it's exponential.
  6. Ruixin Pro Has Humbled Me

    I just started looking at some knife sharpening kits. We have a set of Wustofs that need some TLC. I thought about taking them to a local kitchen store for sharpening. I haven't looked into the pricing or timing, but it seems like I could buy a Ruixin for what it would cost me to have them do half of the set. The Ruixin Pro III looks like it's slightly better built, but it doesn't have a base or suction cup. It also seems like the swivel has a lot of play - at least 1 - 2° worth. The Pro II also looks like it has some play in the swivel, but not as much. For both, I've seen 3D printed replacements for the swivels that look like they would perform better than the stock gear. This whole set of parts looks like it would really improve the III - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1861181 Is there any reason you guys went with the v2 over the v3?
  7. 2 wings

    Trying the photo again
  8. 2 wings

    I'll have to look for that. The downside to preferring dry rubbed wings at restaurants is that they tend to have very limited options. They'll have 20 different sauces to choose from, and one dry rub.
  9. 2 wings

    I spent the last 35 years or so of my life thinking that eating wings was a waste of time - too much work for too little return. And for most of those years, I also thought wings were too expensive for what you get. For some reason, fully unknown to me, I've been on a wing kick for the last few months. I've been travelling for work a good bit and have been ordering wings frequently (it's easier to gamble when you are playing with house money). I've discovered that I really like wings! lol I prefer dry rubbed to wet sauces - in fact, if a wet sauce is the only option, I'll skip the wings. Too messy. I was working from home today and thought I'd make some wings. I gave them a light dusting of some salt and baking powder yesterday. About an hour later, I put on some rub - half got lemon pepper, half got The Slabs Bird & Bones. Then they sat on a rack in the fridge overnight. When I pulled them out of the fridge, the skin was wet and flabby, I figured they wouldn't turn out great, but on the grill they went anyway. KK was riding at 425° with the basket splitter in. The wings went on the 'cool' side. 25 minutes and flip, and I checked on them again in about 10 minutes and they looked done. Instant read thermometer showed them at 180°. I moved them to the hot side for about 3 minutes per side, to try to dry the skin as much as I could, then took them off the grill. They came out perfect. They had a slight crunch to them, not quite crispy, but as good as you can get without frying. Still very juicy on the inside. Obligatory 'my own worst critic' notes: Could have used more lemon pepper Should have used less Bird & Bones. That stuff is amazing, but was too salty for the small wings. Should have made about 10 more! I had no plans on posting and got down to the last two wings before I decided to take a picture - hence the title. I still think they are too expensive for what you get... but that doesn't mean I won't be making them! I have 35 years to make up for. ETA - I can't seem to post the Pic either from my phone or pc. Sorry
  10. Here's something to read - https://amazingribs.com/more-technique-and-science/more-cooking-science/big-chill-trick-making-perfect-sous-vide-que-steak I've never tried smoking combined with SV, but I often do the ice bath between the SV and sear.I do it for timing more than anything. Easy to get the SV step done and out of the way, then just worry about timing the sear for when the sides will be done.
  11. I think he has to move that quickly before that giant spider eats him.
  12. Cooks Illustrated just reviewed some SV circulators. https://www.cooksillustrated.com/equipment_reviews/1835-sous-vide-machines-immersion-circulators
  13. I have an Anova and think you should consider it... Seriously though - I have a Anova WiFi and really like it, but if it broke, I'd definitely look into the Joule. Some of my general observations: The Anova app has 'doneness' pictures that help, but the Joule app uses videos which might be more helpful at times. The good news is that you don't have to own either device to use the recipes or suggestions from either app. I have, and reference both the Anova and Joule apps. The Anova app needs some work - and every time they update it, something seems to break. After the most recent update, it loses connection far too often. It's also supposed to let you 'save' your cook details, but that doesn't work for me. One thing I hate about the Anova app - not sure if the Joule runs any differently - is that it assumes you put the food in at the exact second the bath hits temp. In other words, you use the app to set the temp and time manually or using a recipe, then fire it up. As soon as it reaches temp, it alerts you and begins the timer. I wish it would let me start the timer when I drop the food in. I either have to stop the SV and restart with the same settings or just manually set a timer. Since I've been losing connection anyway, I just set a manual timer. I think something the Anova has over the Joule is 'ice bath mode'. Both have had the feature at one point or another, then pulled it. Anova restored the feature a while back and it's stayed through a few updates. Ice bath mode allows you to put your food in a bath of water an ice. The Anova will circulate, but not heat, the water. When the water temperature reached 40°, the app will alert you. Then you can start up your time and temp. That may or may not be useful to you. I 'like' having the on-board controls on the Anova, but I can't remember the last time I used them. I guess they give me a bit of comfort, but use my phone to program it. It is kind of nice to have the display on-board, though. I can walk past and see the temp and time remaining rather than having to look on my phone. Not a deal breaker either way. We, too, love SV chicken, pork chops, and our favorite, steaks. I haven't had the desire to cook pork chops or steaks any other way since having them SV. I still haven't tried any veggies - must do that soon. We also use ours to make single-sized servings of steel cut oats that my wife and I both take to work every morning for breakfast. Been doing that for about a year now. Prior to that, we made a lot of yogurt. And the last few pork butts (including a batch of 6 done for a large crowd - SV'd in batches of 2) have been SV. When I did the first SV butt, we had a blind taste test and the SV won over the 'standard' version 4 to 1 (and the 1 was a coin flip).
  14. Random Sous Vide Question...

    I haven't tried a pork butt from frozen. I wouldn't think the extra time would have dried it out. Extra time usually impacts the texture of the meat. Did you salt the butt? I've read that using salt on long cooks can cause a 'jerky' effect. I have some salt in my rub, but not a ton.
  15. Sous Vide and Skillet Strips

    Looks great! You can SV frozen steaks - just add an extra 30 minutes to your SV time. We do it all the time with frozen steaks. The only downside is that it's a bit harder to season them before the SV step. What we do is - when we get home from the store, we portion up the steaks and vac seal them. I make the bag a little larger than it needs to be. When it's time to cook, I take the bag, open it up, and season the steaks, and re-seal in the same bag - that's why I make the bag larger to begin with. I haven't tried seasoning them prior to freezing the first time, but that might work if you know what flavors you will want when it's time to eat them.