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  1. Anova - Amazon Deal of the Day

    chefsteps.com and seriouseats.com also have some great SV content. I recently moded a Coleman Party Stacker cooler to become my SV container - works great. The only downside is that you can't see inside without removing the lid - but there really isn't much reason to see things anyway.
  2. Stuffed Joetisserie Turkey?

    If I tried that, instead of Smoked Turkey with Stuffing, I'd end up with Stuffing-Smoked Turkey. ;)
  3. Jealous Devil versus Fogo

    Can't wait to hear what you think, @brandon78I think you'll like it. Given the choice and considering the price, I'd buy JD over Fogo for sure. I've never really had sinus problems until this summer. We went to China and I had sinus trouble for about a month after that trip. I got that cleared up, but my sense of smell has been reduced; and it wasn't great to begin with. It has to be a really strong smell for me to pick it up. I hate hate hate the smell of coffee.. It usually turns my stomach at about 50 years away.. but I just spent the last 30 minutes cleaning out my wife's coffee grinder for her. Didn't smell a thing My sense of taste has diminished too. When we got back, I could eat a spoon of vinegar or horseradish without making a face. It was fun in a 'hey, watch this' way a few times, but I went probably three weeks without tasting anything I ate. It's gotten better, but not back to where it used to be.
  4. Rotisserie for akorn

    I just Googled "Rotisserie for akorn" and got this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N03ZWML Currently unavailable, but at least you know it exists ETA: or not... I checked Onlyfire's site and they don't list it. Maybe email them to see what's up.
  5. Attempt at Cuban Lechon pork butt

    Looks fantastic. I've done 'regular' pulled pork SV and loved how it turned out. After the SV, I put it in an ice bath to cool down, then threw it on the kamado for a few hours to set the bark. It picked up some smoke at that point. You could also try a pre-SV smoke if you wanted to get a little smoke on it.
  6. Jealous Devil versus Fogo

    Sorry, I'm probably not the best one to answer either of these. Ash - I don't worry about or measure ash. I tend to have about 2 or 3 different bags of lump open at any one time (almost always have RO and KJ bags open) and mix it up. So it would be impossible for me to know how much ash is created by one brand. I also don't empty my ash on any kind of regular schedule. Sometimes I'll do it after every cook. Sometimes I'll get 5 or 6 cooks in before I clean out. Smokey Smell - I didn't notice anything unusual, but I've never had a great sense of smell. After a sinus infection back in July, my sense of smell (and, unfortunately, taste) has been reduced even further.
  7. Jealous Devil versus Fogo

    I've had 2 bags of Jealous Devil and liked it. See some of my posts here: https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/33070-lump/?do=findComment&comment=437272 Hated the bag, but they said they were going to switch from the plastic mesh style to a paper bag. (The Amazon listing says they have a new bag) I actually just opened the second bag last week. I needed to cook about 40lbs of pulled pork. This bag was much like the one I showed in that other post - 3 or 4 large pieces and a ton of medium-small pieces. Slightly smaller than fist sized. The pieces are very heavy for their size - dense stuff. I held 275 for over 17 hours on my KK and there was still a fair amount left. I added a bit of RO to the top and cranked it up to about 700 and let it ride for about 2 more hours to clean the grates. If you can get it for about the same price as RO, I'd say give it a shot. ETA: I've used 3 or 4 bags of Fogo. Really dense stuff. Great lump. My biggest complaint with Fogo is too many gargantuan pieces.
  8. Corned Beef

    My feelings are even more simple - I like it all. Corned beef, pastrami, and brisket. Love corned beef and cabbage, too.
  9. Reusing lump

    For regular grilling and using a KAB, I don't bother shaking or stirring. Just dump new lump on top of the old, right out of the bag. Light it and cook. If I didn't have the KAB, I'd probably give the old lump a quick stir to make sure the holes weren't clogged. As mentioned above, if it's a low and slow, I will save the old lump in a bucket and use fresh stuff.
  10. Kansas City BBQ restaurant suggestions?

    I kind of expected the guy to ask to taste it. You better believe I gave it a taste since I had to open it. lol
  11. Kansas City BBQ restaurant suggestions?

    Still on my way home from this road trip, but I thought I'd pop in and give a summary of what I did: I was able to try two BBQ places in KC: Slaps and Joe's Went to Slaps for lunch. Had a sandwich with brisket and sausage and a side of beans. The sausage was very good. Nice flavors, good snap, a bit of char. The brisket was good. Thick slices that were very tender. A little dry, but not too bad. The sandwich was a mess after the first few bites and I had to resort to picking the meat out with a fork. Not a huge issue. The beans were good, but way too sweet for me. They were like dessert lol Went to the original Joe's for dinner. Had a brisket and pulled pork plate with a side of beans. The pork was very good. Tender, juicy. The bark was very soft, probably sits in a steaming tray. The big negative for the pork was that there was so much fat. My third bite was a mouthful of a giant blob of fat. Gross. Almost made me not want to continue. After that, I picked through the pork very carefully. By the end of the meal, I had a small heap of pork fat on the side of my tray. It almost filled the little cup that the beans came in. It was like I ordered a side of pork fat with my meat lol The brisket was. well, disappointing. It was sliced very, very thin. It was dry and didn't have much flavor. And it was room temperature at best. It obviously hadn't been in the steaming tray recently. It also had a thick layer of fat. Since the meat wasn't warm, it was difficult to separate off that fat. The positive is - it made me feel much better about my brisket skills - which are poor, at best. The beans were good. Good flavors, a bit of heat, not overly sugary. The best part about Joe's is that they had a little store with rubs and sauces. Most of which I have no access to locally. I picked up some The Slabs Bird and Bones. I've heard great things, but never tried it. It was about $3 cheaper than you can find online. I considered getting a few more, but I don't have a lot of room to store runs and I wondered if they would make it through TSA. It made it through KC TSA without issue. But when leaving Minneapolis, they took it out of my bag and had to test it. They made me open it, the sprinkled some on a test strip, then broke out some chemistry kit and tested with several solutions. Eventually, they handed it back to me and it made it home. I'm glad I didn't pick up a combo pack or something. I'd still be there watching them play junior chemist.
  12. Probably a dumb gun question?

    Loctite is loosened by heat. Did you use the Blue or Red. Blue can be loosened with a hot hair drier or a heat gun on low. Red takes a lot more heat - a torch works.
  13. Fathead Crust Pizza

    Those look delicious, @Steve fort CollinsGlad you found an alternative that works!
  14. What about canning them? If you need to bag 'em, maybe try to put them in the bags, then lay the bags flat in the freezer. Leave the bags long enough that you can fold the open end up over the top of the flat. When frozen, pull them out and seal them.
  15. Just got a call from the boss and will have to do a quick trip to KC then Minneapolis next week. I'll be on the ground in KC for about 24 hours. Should be there for at least 1 lunch, maybe 2, and one dinner. Never been to KC. Anyone have any BBQ restaurant suggestions? Plenty to choose from - I need some help narrowing it down Thanks! ETA: I should add some preferences to maybe help narrow it down. I'd love some brisket or pulled pork. Chicken would be next on my list, followed by sausage. My lowest priority would be ribs.