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  1. I don't know, I think it would be kind of awesome to say to your guests - "Hang on a second, I need to go get my rubber mallet so I can start the grill."
  2. I'll take one of each of those vinegars!
  3. Started as a spatchcock, but the legs and thighs came apart on the grill. Only got pics of the legs/thighs as they were the first off the grill. I put salt and baking powder on the skin and left the bird to air dry for about 6 hours. The rub was basil, thyme, sumac, garlic, and olive oil. Rubbed that under the skin and slid in a few slices of lemon. Came out fantastic. The skin on this bird did not want to hold together and shrunk a lot. I'm normally not a 'skin' guy, but this was fantastic. The wings were so good, and I'm not much of a wing guy, either. Might convince me to try some wings on the grill.
  4. I don't really care much about the color of my grill... but that white seems like a bad idea lol Although, it does look like a Stormtrooper, so it might be targeted at Star Wars fans.
  5. This weeks episode of Man Meat BBQ just popped up and the guest is the Slot Dog guy. There are people who constantly swear and it sounds natural. Then there are people who make it sound forced. He's the latter - it's like he feels he has a quota to reach and he'll get there whatever it takes. lol
  6. For BBQ, there is BBQ Central Show - when he's talking to a guest it's interesting and he's a pretty good interviewer, but it seems like 2/3 of the show is ads, stupid audio drops, and him rambling on in a 'radio voice'. Man Meat BBQ - He's not a great interviewer, but if the guest is good, the show can be entertaining I have both on my list, but only listen occasionally. Give them a shot, you might like them.
  7. The winner tonight was @Hambassist! I read the responses to my wife and she chose that one. The caramelized onions were the star of the sandwich! We still have about 1.25 steaks left. I think we'll do some quick sandwiches for lunch tomorrow - I should have caramelized more onions, we used them all up. Whatever is left will probably go into a steak and gorgonzola salad. I loved the egg ideas, but eggs are a non-starter for my wife, so I knew those were out. lol
  8. Rutland fire starters cut in half. Easy, light a corner in about 5 seconds and walk away.
  9. Down around here, the Sonic about 40 minutes from here was the meeting spot for classic car owners. That closed a few months ago, not sure where they meet now.
  10. Sounds great! Thanks!
  11. I know, I know... what are leftover steaks? We had three thick NY Strip steaks from Costco in the freezer. They were vac-packed together so we decided to make all three. I put the frozen steaks in a sous vide bath at 137 for 2 hours, gave them a good dusting of some Longhorn Steakhouse Grill Seasoning that my wife piked up at Publix (I was dubious when she got it, but it's actually really good) and put on a crust on the KK. I also topped them with some compound butter I made with fresh Italian parsley and rosemary from our yard - with some salt, pepper, olive oil, and lemon zest.They came out perfect for us. Now comes the dilemma... by the time we loaded up our plates with large baked potatoes, corn, bread, and a side salad, we ended up just splitting one of the steaks. Now we have 2 steaks that we'll need to do something with. Any ideas? Has anyone reheated cooked steaks via sous vide?
  12. Found by using the advanced search. Searching for posts by Author and added @Savage Henry, then used keyword 'mustard' This one is a bit harder Maybe this? To use Advanced search, click (or tap) the magnifying glass in the search bar. If you know the poster, click the By Author link and enter the person's name
  13. Saw this at my local Walmart.
  14. HD also gives a vet discount. I'm not a vet, so I've obviously never tried it, but the other day, there were 4 people in front of me at the register in HD. First two got a Sr Citizen's discount... next two got vets discounts. When I got to the register, the cashier asked if I would keep the streak alive. Unfortunately, I don't fix either category at this time.
  15. I tried the Roberta's crust recipe (using 50/50 AP/00) and liked the results, but I probably need to tweak a bit for it to come out great. Sorry, no pics. My phone was upgrading at the time. I followed the directions exactly. I was't sure if I should let the yeast bloom in the water, but it didn't say to, so I didn't do it. I did the 24 hour rest in the fridge version. I pulled it from the fridge about 30 minutes before I was ready to use it. It was the easiest dough to stretch that I have made so far. I'm not one that really cares if the pizza is round, round-ish, or 'modern art' shaped. This stuff was simple to get a round crust. My first was close to round, the second one looked perfect. I had the KK set up at 500-degrees and let it ride there for just over an hour, then I added in the top grate and deflector (used that as my pizza stone) on top. I let that go for about 45 minutes before loading the first pizza. Two pizzas, both were Buffalo chicken with home made ranch and fresh mozz. I didn't get the oven spring, not the flavor, I expected from that much yeast. The bottom and rim got golden brown spots. It turned out as a good thin crust with a low rim; I just wanted it to have a bit more flavor. Maybe my yeast was old? Maybe I should let it bloom before mixing it? Maybe my water wasn't the right temp? Maybe I could run the grill hotter? Seems like I need to try this again... and again... and again. I just reheated the two left over pieces in a new way - I used my panini press and set the lid so it just hovered above the top of the pizza. It came out fantastic! I'll never re-heat pizza any other way.