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  1. IT all looks great, @Dub The good peaches didn't make it this far south, I guess. I picked some up at Walmart yesterday and was all excited to have grilled peaches for dessert. They looked beautiful on and off the grill, but had no flavor at all. I have 2 more that I'll leave on the counter for a few days - then maybe I will try to bomb them with balsamic and funky cheese!
  2. Kamado Pretzels

    In my opinion, all watermelon should be beaten! Can't stand the stuff. Traditional Bavarian pretzels are left thick in the center of the rope (which becomes the curved part of the 'U' and the side opposite the 2 holes). Then they take a lame or razor and give the thick part a slice across the 'equator' right before baking.
  3. Sodastream

    Funny The joke in my family is that I never make it past the 'Beyond' section. That's where all the good stuff is.
  4. Jerk Chicken w/ ABTs

    Love the idea with the pineapple. I have to try that.
  5. Kamado Pretzels

    My brother went crazy a few years ago and tried a ton of different recipes and methods. He said the lye bath was far superior to any of the other methods he tried. His second favorite method was baking the baking soda first, then using that in the bath. I tried plain baking soda and baked baking soda and found I got much better results with the baked baking soda. The regular baking soda version didn't brown as much and didn't have that pretzel taste. The baked baking soda ones had better browning and more flavor. To bake the soda, spread it out on a baking sheet and put it in a 250-300 degree oven and bake it for an hour. Make sure to put more on the pan than you will need in the final recipe, it will lose weight as the moisture bakes off.
  6. Could be. I guess my mind doesn't work that way. Could also be people that had no idea that there might be a better price out there. I'd think it's a small percentage of customers that are checking brickseek over and over to see price changes.
  7. I checked around me and the only Walmart that showed the Jrs in stock is right by my work. Brickseek listed them at $146 and it showed 3 left. I wasn't all that interested in getting one, but figured I'd check it out when I had to stop for other stuff. They had 2 in boxes and the display model. They were marked at $146. I figured if I could get them to the $35, I'd grab one. I asked the department manager and explained that other stores were selling them for $35. Nice guy. He said he was leaving them at the $146. He said, "None of the $35 stores have them in stock". I said, "Right, because they marked them down to move them." He said, "I'll have no problem selling these at $146" Sure enough, 2 days later, there are 0 left at that store.
  8. Warning: Don't update iGrill App

    Odd. It almost sounds like they got caught using someone else' firmware and had to back it out. Now you have to wait until they can engineer it on their own. Just a guess, but that's what it sounds like to me. Why else would you take away all functionality?
  9. But look at those SAVINGS!
  10. First cook on the BGE

    Great first cook! And it only gets better from here!
  11. Fire-Roasted Tomato Sauce: Recipe & Canning

    Interesting. Growing up, my mother would jar tomato sauce every summer - she still does it. I don't recall her putting anything in the jars other than the milled tomatoes and she uses a water bath. I'll have to ask her about it. We probably had a rotating stock of up to 80 jars worth down in the basement. Not that I am recommending this. Follow the advice above and be safe out there...
  12. Sodastream

    We've had one for 4 or 5 years and also use it sporadically. Artificial sweeteners all give me a sore throat and most of the Sodastream syrups, even those that don't say they are sugar free, have an artificial sweetener in them. It took me a while to figure out why I kept getting sore throats - I never even thought that the 'sugar' versions would also have a sweetener in them. I used to buy syrups from a website (Pittsburgh soda pop) that had some really good stuff, tons of flavors, and great pricing. Well, the pricing must not have been so great for them - they went out of business. Does anyone have a good alternative source for syrups? I'd really love some tonic water and the Sodastream non-diet version has sucralose in it. It had been about 3 years since I bought a Sodastream syrup when I saw the tonic at BB&B. Got it home and on the first sip, I though, "This is pretty good..." Second sip was, "Why is my throat burni...oh yeah! I forgot about the sweetener grrrrr"
  13. Pictures not found

    Was just typing almost exactly this. I belong to other forums that don't allow direct uploading and they look like mine fields right now.
  14. Kamado Pizza 101

    Hey John Great video! Makes me want to try some pizza this weekend. One thing - the dough recipe card posted in the video at 13:36 is the same as the card posted at 15:46. The card shows the 500g flour/350g water mix and to bake at 500-550. It doesn't look like it was updated for the high-heat, lower water recipe.
  15. Hmmm, very strange. I typically write my posts on my PC, then add the shots right from my iPhone (using Chrome). I've never had one not upload. Reboot the phone? I've had that fix problems that it made no sense why a reboot would fix it.