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  1. I just fling my ash in the grass... and sand upwind, as CC suggested.
  2. Saw this article the other day and decided to try it tonight http://www.latimes.com/food/dailydish/la-fo-grilling-with-mayonnaise-recipes-20170610-htmlstory.html I had some pork tenderloins that I tied together and wanted to rotisserie on my KK. Before I loaded the meat in the rotisserie basket, I rubbed a very thin layer of mayo on the basket rods with my fingers. I probably used 1/4 to 1/2 of a teaspoon. Just enough to coat the bars. It worked great! The pork slipped right out of the basket when I was done and the bars, where the pork was, looked cleaner than when I started lol
  3. I make my chocolate chip cookies with brown butter. I swirl the pan the whole time I am browning the butter so that none stick to the pan and burn. I might have to try without swirling and see what happens. I don't filter out the solids for my cookies - they add a nutty flavor. I saw this not too long ago and thought it was interesting - they actually add more milk solids while browning. Seems like, if you have a good use for the browned solids, you might want to try this: https://www.chefsteps.com/activities/brown-butter-solids
  4. I would agree. I do my steaks for about 60 - 90 minutes. I frequently an going from frozen, so I add some time for that. My wife likes her steak more on the medium side, and I've found 131 to work best for us. A quick sear 20 seconds or so on side A, flip for 20 seconds, back to side A for 20 more, and one last flip for 20. If it needs a bit more crust, I'll do another series of quick flips. To me, flipping frequently seems to help keep the inside from rising too quickly. I've never actually measured the IT after my sear. I'll have to try that next time and see where I land. Maybe even flip one steak frequently and let the other one sit longer on each side and see what the difference is. Interestingly, Kenji recommends a SV of 1 - 4 hours for steak at most temperatures, but a 2.5 hour max if you are below 130.
  5. I've always thought the "Kamado Challenges" section could be misread and used as 12thman did. To try to answer your questions - load up the firebox with lump, you shouldn't need to add lump during a long low and slow cook. An 8 hour cook at 225 should not be a problem. If you have one of the vents closed, the grill will be gasping for air and won't be stable. You need to create some air flow through the kamado to have a healthy fire. Search Youtube for videos about controlling kamado temperatures.
  6. On a recent business trip to Philadelphia, I went to a pizza place that was pretty good. Capoffito. It's in the Old City area, about 2 blocks from Independence Hall. Capofitto comes from the same folks that started Capogiro, a gelateria in Philly that has been named the best gelateria in the world. And it really is fantastic stuff. Every time I'm in Philly, I stop by one of the Capogiro shops to get some - and it's the only time I really eat ice cream. Anyway, back to the pizza - Capofitto makes Neapolitan-style pizzas following (most of) the VPN standards. Their dough is flour, water and yeast only and they use DOP San Marzano tomatoes for the sauce. The pizzas come out 'wetter' than what we typically see in the US (although, they were not nearly as wet as a few of the VPN-certified places I have been). Very good pizza. When they served the pizza, they brought out some dried pepper flakes and a little jar of something called St. Lucifer Spice. And the waiter said he highly recommended the spice. At first, I kind of shook my head and thought, "You're trying to make great pizzas using authentic ingredients and you bring this stuff to the table?" I ate a few pieces without any additions, then read the ingredients label on the St. Lucifer spice - Garlic, salt, paprika, vinegar, and habenero peppers. So I sprinkled some on one corner of a slice and tried it... and it was really good. So I added a bit more... then more... then more. It's not as hot as I would have expected from the name and the habeneros, but it had a bit of a kick. And it had a nice tang from the vinegar. They also have a jalapeno version. If you're looking for something interesting, I'd recommend giving this a shot. I'll probably be ordering the pack with one of each soon. https://www.saintluciferspice.com/
  7. I don't drink alcohol, but that sounds like a 'shrub' aka drinking vinegar. I had my first drinking vinegar (pineapple) at Pok Pok in Portland a few years ago (they also cook a lot of their food over coconut charcoal. They sell that charcoal on Amazon, and it ain't cheap.) I tried making some myself when I got home with some blueberries. I must have gotten some strain of a '-cillin' out of the air. I had a bad reaction to it. Got a rash all over my body. It was the worst on my face and my left eye was completely swollen shut. I'm allergic to all of the '-cillin' medications. I didn't give up, though. A few months ago, I made some apple drinking vinegar and it came out pretty good. When you sent the link to the place where you got your vinegars, that was the first thing I thought of. It'd be a lot safer for me to go that route. lol Pok Pok also sells their drinking vinegars on Amazon. I might have to give them a shot.
  8. Thanks, all! We had leftovers for dinner tonight. We made burritos with the leftover salmon and got some spring mix greens and topped them with the mango and tomato salad - worked really well.
  9. I love fish tacos. They might be my favorite food. So, what could be better? Fish burritos! Okay, so we bought a giant pack of tortillas at Costco last weekend and are trying to use them up. The salmon was patted dry, then I squeezed a lime over them. The rub was smoked chipotle powder, salt, pepper, and lime zest. And on the grill they go - on a cedar plank. And done. The base of the burrito was some sriracha avocado spread - avocados, lime juice, S&P, and sriracha Next goes on some flaked chunks of the salmon. Then a vinegar-based slaw that my wife made. The side was a mango and tomato salad. Mangos, tomatoes, and red onions tossed in a vinagrette made from balsamic, lemon juice, sugar, S&P, and olive oil. Added some cilantro to finish it off. The salmon was really good, but it was overly spicy. I followed an Ina Garten recipe. Next time, I'll use maybe half of the chipotle powder. The salad was fantastic. So fresh tasting. The flavors blended together so well. Next time, I might add some diced up avocados, too.
  10. The site seems to be working for me, but I didn't try to Submit anything. Are you not able to get to the site? Or does it fail when you Submit?
  11. The real story of Pocahontas and John Smith doesn't really match the legend... and certainly doesn't match the Disney version https://indiancountrymedianetwork.com/history/genealogy/true-story-pocahontas-historical-myths-versus-sad-reality/
  12. I have a grill floss too, and I like it. It's a little harder to use when the grill is hot, due to some expansion of the grate bars. I love that it knocks off the stuff on the underside, too. It makes things much cleaner when you have to take out a grate and set it down somewhere.
  13. You've never seen Pocahontas? By the context of the first post, I concluded that John Smith is a KJ rep.
  14. The pre-order pricing is $69 - that's a fantastic deal. The price goes up to $100 after that. I can't seem to find any details on the Anova site, which seems odd. The Nano is rumored to be 700 watts, by comparison, the bluetooth Anova One model (currently $109) is 800 watts and the WiFi One (currently $169) is 900 watts. The Nano is bluetooth only. I'm not anywhere near smart enough to know if the difference in wattage will be a big one or not. Worst case, I think if you got a well insulated container and started with some hot tap water, you could overcome a power issue. I don't think it takes a lot of energy to keep the water warm.
  15. I've tried a few different sauces and have landed on as simple as possible for most any pizza - San Marzano tomatoes. I either crush them with my hands, shred them with a fork (like pulling pork), or run them across a box grater (my favorite way, but it's messy). I don't heat the tomatoes. Based on the taste, I may add in some sea salt. Best of luck to your son! Best of luck to you, too... you might be more nervous than him!