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  1. Hey all - I'm starting my research for a new controller for my new Pit Boss 24" , upgrading from my Akron with an auber 1615 and was hoping to goto a controller that can replace both my maverick et73 and the auber and provide wifi. I was looking at the newer wifi Auber, but am seeing two downfalls - 1) it only has room for two probes and 2) it didnt / might not work with Eero mesh networking devices. However, when looking at some other options like the flame boss and fireboard I'm concerned with the "cloud ability" of these units. If the manufacturer goes under, where does your "cloud" login / data go? Do these controllers have the ability to host there own web services to provide an internet based connection themselves, or are they dependent on the manufacturer hosting their data? Thanks!
  2. I've had an auber for a few years with the 10 CFM fan I used on my weber bullet. I recently bought the 6.5 cfm fan and have been using it on my akorn with good success.
  3. I've got a thermoworks rt600c hoping to be delivered today, I'll report back once I get to play with it! I would have loved a thermapen, but the cost for me is a little out of reach for what I would use it for.
  4. DId the 2nd pizza last night - started a new thread here
  5. So after my first attempt at pizza on the new akorn, and burning the crust a little I attempted to put the stone and pizza higher up on the warming rack and get some radiating heat off of the top of the dome. The crust was perfect - still soft and bubbly and the bottom had just the right crisp /crunch without being too crispy. The wife said had too much smokey flavor, so I'm guessing opening the top vent more? (I had it half open on this one) and temps on the main grate directly below the warming rack were showing 470s per my auber temp probe. Here's what I got:
  6. Looks good!! We went the easy route, and bought the dough from Publix (local grocery store) They had a BOGO, wife picked up two.
  7. Lowe's here in Tampa,FL They have a large grill display area with a bunch of grills out on the floor, in the middle they have a square display thing - it was on that with some remote thermometers, some rubs/seasoning, grill cleaning stuff etc. While its not the thickest - I think it's 3/8", it came with a metal peel, and cutter for ~$20 IIRC. It was a last minute decision to make pizza, and I really wanted to order a stone from California pizza stones or similar but I figure for 20 bucks ill try it. Going to try pizza again tonight, so I'll keep you guys updated!
  8. Yep thats the thought for next time, the stone is a tad bigger than warming rack so i think i can get it on there and be sorta stable.
  9. So with my basic kamado grilling knowledge from reading here on the forums, I attempted a pizza on my fairly new Akorn. I used a pizza stone I bought from lowes, and as a diffuser I'm using a 15" or 16" terra cotta thingy, and I figured I'd throw a 9" one above the pizza on the warming rack to try and get some heat radiating back down on top of the pizza. Turned out okay, especially considering it was my first and I learned a bit. Burned up the crust a tad, probably should have taken it off a minute or so earlier.
  10. Welcome! I'm fairly new myself to kamado grills, just recently picking up an Akorn. I have a weber 22 kettle, a weber gas (cant remember the last time it was fired up), a weber smokey mountain, now this akorn. I absolutely love the akorn. One thing I am really adjusting to is how well temp is retained, if you overshoot, grab a cold one - because it will be awhile until it comes back down The other thing is fuel - it sips charcoal! I made the akorn purchase solely on budget - i wanted to get into kamado's but couldnt justify $700+ for a grill I wasnt sure about yet, considering my other grills. I'm hoping I can replace them all with the akorn - hoping to do my first butt here soon!
  11. I've had nothing but issues with the free version of tapatalk. For instance, in the forum for the char-griller akorn, if i click on the stickied post about mods and fixes, and click on the 4th link in the first post, instead of taking me to the "sealing" thread, it takes me to a completely different, random thread. Not only that but, double posting, and other issues have basically made me unable to use tapatalk at all. Being in IT security, if a company says there is a vulnerability, then patch it regardless if my cynical side says otherwise.
  12. So I have a syl-1613 from auber that my wife got me for Christmas back in 2011 and have been using it successfully on my weber 18.5 bullet, unfortunately I have the 10 cfm fan which after playing for a few minutes doesn't appear to fit the Akorn. I called Auber, looks like I can purchase the 6.5 cfm fan and should be good to go. They did recommend to try it on auto and if that didn't work well, call back and they may have pid setting recommendations.
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