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  1. Good info did a pork loin tonight came out great I'm new don't know how to send pics yet your stuff looked good
  2. Great looking meal I did spare ribs with a caribien jerk rub came out nice how much wood you add to your lump new to kamado grilling used to my barrel smoker was afraid of to much smoke
  3. Grilling a pork loin with mediterainian run garlic new tatoes with fresh grilled pineapple with butter brown sugar and a dash of sea salt an sum cayenne pepper for a little bite I'm so amazed at the heat control I have with this kamado
  4. Just did my first rack of ribs on my new vision classic kept great temp@225 bout 4hrs later had great ribs then opened dampers and did chicken legs the kamado did everything perfect and still have enough lump to sear steaks tonight
  5. Wow I told I would have a new base by next Friday if it takes to long I will bug the hell out of them did they why it's taking so long
  6. Just set up my vision grill and the base didn't seem right and allowed the grill to wobble called vision explained the problem to them seems that they did some redesign on the grill and I received an old base they are shipping a new one out right away than the rep I spoke to asked if I had ever grilled with lump coal before I've been grilling and smoking for 15 yrs and never used lump or grilled on a kamado before he spent the next 20 min telling me how to start the lump and the correct way to control the heat I think the info he gave me will take some of the learning curve out of my new grilling challenge saved a lot of$$ buying the vision over the BGE I'm really happy I did because it seems the vision people are passionate about ther product and customers
  7. I believe so I've found for the cost of a dinner out I can buy fresher and better ingredients and feed anyone who happens to stop by
  8. Year round 3 to 5 times a week and anyone who shows up is welcome to graze grilling is the best social net work around
  9. Just joined great reading and insight getting ready to pull the trigger and purchase a Komodo grill would like some feed back on the vision brand I've heard both good and not so good my big concern is quality and craftsmanship any thoughts would be appriciated
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