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  1. First overnight smoke

    I do need to get a TTT, being lazy and liking sleep. I usually set mine and forget it. I go to bed about 1 am. I've come down in the morning to find the grill temp down to 170 and also come down to find it at 350-375. Has never made a difference in the final results. If too low, I crank it up to push it through the stall and finish when I want it, if too high, I just end up pulling it early and it stays in the cooler a bit longer. I've also done a high temp butt on purpose and that was also excellent.
  2. Random Sous Vide Question...

    yeah, I used a rub that has a decent amount of salt, sugar, and pepper in it. Perhaps that drew more water out of it, but recipes I've seen for SV pork butts seem to call for it. Butt had been in freezer for 8 months or more so that had something to do with it too. I till have one more frozen from same time period and will cook that less time and see what happens, if dry too, then maybe it's been in freezer too long. I know some say 6 mo is limit for pork.
  3. Sous Vide $49.98 at Sams Club

    I've been eyeing those at Sams and happened to find one for $35 on closeout the other day. Open box display model. Snatched it up. Everything works fine with it. Now it's time to play with it. I used to make yogurt with individual containers, I like that with this I can make it in a large container.
  4. Random Sous Vide Question...

    I just picked up the Sams unit on close out for $35 and noticed the same thing on my first cook this weekend. It was a pork butt and the juices and air had me puzzled. I thought I had a leak in the bag at first. I did mine in a cooler that I made a Styrofoam insert to put at water level. I shoved the Styrofoam deeper in cooler to sink the bag in the water once I saw all the air making it float. I do have another question to add though. My butt was frozen and had no idea what I was doing, so I added time to the cook. It did it at 165 degrees for 30 hours which was a mistake. The meat was a bit dry compared to what I achieve on the Akorn. Since then I've read that for long cooks, don't bother adding time if starting with a frozen piece. It was about an 8-9# butt. What time would y'all suggest for that if frozen. I've seen 18-24 hours at 165 suggested as a ball park for a butt that is not frozen.
  5. Wearing out

    Check out this post, he just replaced some parts and running like a champ again.
  6. Both of those look great. I did the same. Temp got away on me a bit and a 12 pound bird ended up cooking at about 425-475. It cooked in an hour and a half. I pulled it at breast temp of 165 and thighs at about 175. Thought it would be dry but was still moist as can be with good juices flowing and nothing burnt on the outside. . It wasn't completely thawed the night before so I brined it in ice water overnight to speed it along and also injected about 8oz of butter under the skin, so I suppose that help keep it moist. Came out about perfect in color and taste. Was also a cheap $0.67/# Walmart bird. So quite happy with the results. I might stick with the high temp quick cooks.
  7. Vacuum Sealer Recommendation

    A good trick is the flash freezing method already described for moisture in meats. Another if you don't freeze is to take a piece of folded up paper towel the width of the bag, lay if flat in front of the meat, then seal the bag. paper towel will grab most of moisture before it hits sealing wire. Works real well if your meat is not full of water. I use it for fish too. Use white paper towels without printed dyes on them.
  8. My brother in law grilled some for Easter and they were great. I think you have to like lamb though and I do. . I like the game flavor they have. Have been thinking of picking some up at Sams and giving them a go.
  9. 130 Calories per Mile

    That report was a recent one I heard. Can't remember if it was an actually prospective study they set up or if was done from retrospective data. Obviously lots of variables. I can see the calorie aspect that you mention, another thing is that some folks using them have found nothing that works to get weight off and are looking for a magic bullet, thinking the tracker is it but fall back their old ways or get discouraged, I just found a link to the study published in JAVMA. http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=2553448 Actually it was a tracker unit on the upper arm but the reports have extrapolated to wrist based devices even though that wasn't used in the study. I've seen some of your recent videos, obviously something is working for you.
  10. 130 Calories per Mile

    Has anyone seen the research that indicates people using fitness trackers actually loose less weight than those not using them for a given time period. Also ther have been some law suites against various companies because of lack of accuracy of the units.
  11. Dome vs Grate Temps

    Question about using the dome thermometer. Do you shoot for the cook temp on that or, estimate it knowing the relative difference between dome and grill temp for your grill. Second question, I seem to see more posts and grill vs dome temps on Akorn, which is what I have. Do you take any extra steps with Akorns vs ceramics in regards to using the dome thermometer as a guide? Having just finished a high temp brisket cook, I can easily see what a wide range of latitude you have to make a hunk of raw meat into dinner.
  12. sorry if I missed it, but how long did it take to cook?
  13. Sub 200* temp?

    This might seem like a stupid question, but do you serve and eat the smoked salmon warm as a main dish or refrigerate then slice it thin and use it as a garnish as is done with store bought.
  14. Sub 200* temp?

    scubby, Not to be a Nanny, but hardware cloth is usually galvanized. You really don't want the fumes from that getting in your meat. I'd put them in some hot coals and cook off the gavanized coating. Perhaps at the low temp that the pellets burn off it might not off gas the galvanized surface off. Stainless screen would be better but not easy to come by. I like the way you reach temp with the domino style set up. Will have to try that on some fish soon.
  15. Vision lump charcoal at SAMS

    Our Sams in Daytona has no lump at this point, I hope this is coming soon.