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  1. For each kilogram of meat you will need about 300-350 grams of everything else (except for the seasonings). Beef ( I use a cut thats called pulpa bola thats taken from the back and shoulder area). Bacon Potatoes Onions. Seasonings Jalapeño and chipotle are optional Cook at 200-300 C Buen Provecho!!! ..... :-)
  2. Café de Olla 200 grs Piloncillo / 200 grs sugar Cinamon 10 tbsp coffee 1 orange zest 2 Lt. water 10 minutes in boiling water
  3. Ingredients.- -Onions -Olive oil -lime juice -Maggi Sauce -salt to taste Directions.- Cut the onions in 8 parts, put them in aluminum foil and cook at 150F 1 hour. Buen Provecho!!! ..... :-)
  4. GRILLS & SMOKERS ACCESSORIES PARTS RECIPES/TIPS SUPPORT RECIPE OF THE MONTH PREPARATION:Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 15 minutes smoke @ 135F-145F degrees (medium) 145F-155F (medium-well) Wood Chips are optional, but highly recommended SUBMIT YOUR OWN RECIPE RIB EYE BY MR. MANOLO PARRILLA INGREDIENTS:Rib Eyes (according to desired size) Salt (according to preference) Soy Sauce Garlic SAUCE DIRECTIONS:Soy Sauce 1/2 cup 1 chopped garlic clove. Simmer the soy sauce and the chopped garlic for 5-7 minutes. Wait until the sauce is cool like 5-10 minutes COOKING DIRECTIONS:Brush both sides of the steaks with your sauce. First you will sear your steaks at 500F ( one minute each side). Remove them from the grill. Place the smoking stone in the grill. With your grill in the upper position place the steaks and cook them at 350F. Cook until you reach your favorite internal temp (135F-145F Medium) (145F-155F Medium Well). Digital Instant Read Thermometers are ideal for checking meat temps. VIDEO: Recipe of the Month by Mr. Manolo Parrilla
  5. https://www.chargriller.com/recipes/recipe-of-the-month.html I was lucky to be chosen recipe of the month at Char Griller site
  6. https://www.chargriller.com/recipes/recipe-of-the-month.html
  7. Some times I use the soy sauce just like you with a little chopped garlic, it´s delicious. I leave you the video on how I do it.
  8. Ingredients.- - Bread -Cheese -Butter -Olivive Oil -Parsley -Garlic Powder Cook at 350 F for 15-20 minutes Buen Provecho!!! ,,,,, :-)
  9. Ingredients: - Cheese (manchego, chihuahua,oaxaca,bree, monterrey jack) -butter -milk -Chorizo Buen Provecho!!! ..... :-)
  10. Ingredients.- -2 Lbs Beans -Water 1 gallon aprox. -Onion -Cilantro -Garlic -Tomato -Sausages --Bacon Buen Provecho..... :-)
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