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  1. Smokemaker, Thanks very much for the data (which in my opinion can never be excessive). You and others have given me much to consider and in all candor, I am leaning way more towards the Ooni although I want to research those other higher end options. I subscribe to the "you get what you pay for" camp. If an item is well made and includes viable features and durability, it makes sense to upgrade as the value usually supports the costs.
  2. Comments and suggestions much appreciated folks. Will look at those recommended ovens.
  3. Folks, Considering one of these: https://cruovens.com/products/cru-model-30 And curious if anyone has experience with this or a similar concept wood fired pizza oven. Best, KC
  4. I received an email from FOGO announcing 15% off sitewide on orders of 50 dollars or more ("FOGOSEASON15, Offer is valid from April 8am EST to April 19th 11.59PM EST. ")
  5. Does anyone know of alternate set screws for the standard as supplied with Joetisseries? Those supplied are (for me) difficult to turn, especially with gloved hands....
  6. Lowes link in message above is for briquettes, not lump.......
  7. JormaC

    Tom Petty

    Pretty nice article http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/tom-petty-rock-iconoclast-who-led-the-heartbreakers-dead-at-66-w506651
  8. JormaC

    Tom Petty

    The initials TMZ, which were in the original CBS news story likely have something to do with the veracity of the report.........Hopefully the story is ahead of itself and perhaps he will be ok..... My apologies in advance for jumping the gun on this myself.......I believe that TP is well liked by many and my intent was to inform rather than upset/confuse....that and to echo the OP'S sentiments.....
  9. JormaC

    Tom Petty

    In an "unusual" turn of events, now evidently the LA police department will nor confirm TP'S passing..... More to come I would suppose.......
  10. JormaC

    Tom Petty

    Yes, tragic indeed..........on top of an already tragic day..... Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee along with his band in the early 2000's....... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/tom-petty-legendary-rocker-is-dead-at-66/
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