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  1. Received my Auto yesterday. Finished assembly today. Wanted to let you all know the ash pan from the original Akorn for sure fits the Auto Kamado. You could purchase the Auto AND buy an original ash pan and have an auto/manual set up for less than you can buy an original Akorn right now. If you're in the market, looking to upgrade or replace, I can see a good reason not to go this way.
  2. Just posted in the deals/sales section. Walmart.come is selling the auto kamado for $224 shipped. Some things to think about- At that price it's considerably less expensive than the standard Akorn. I THINK you could replace the auto ash pan with the standard ash pan for those of you who say you want to be able to manually control (I will try once I receive as I currently have an original Akorn). The main body is covered by a 5 year warranty; the electronics has a 1 year warranty. There isn't a parts page for the auto that I can find but I believe the controller is the same as the controller for their gravity fed. If this is the case, a replacement controller cost $89. My original Akorn is about toast, so I'm ordering the Auto!
  3. The Char-Griller Auto Kamado is being sold 50% off on Walmart.com! This price is $100-125 less than what they standard Akorn is selling for right now. 5 year warranty. My original Akorn is nearing the end of its life so I picked one up! https://www.walmart.com/ip/Char-Griller-Auto-Kamado/682418908?athbdg=L1100
  4. I had some similar experiences!! Bought my Akorn in summer 2014. Used the heck out of it with and without the TTT. In 2018 my ash pan was rusted out and needed replaced. In spring 2019 the main body had rusted through. Several calls to Lowe's and one of their associates located my receipt for my warranty claim! Akorn replaced the main part of my grill body. Also in Spring I bought a big ceramic Louisiana from Costco. Mine is also slower to heat up and for sure consumes more charcoal than my Akorn, but I do find the Louisiana to be easier to control. Last year I bought a Barbecube and use it for no hassle cooks on both grills. I really prefer my ceramic for longer cooks, and larger cooks (2-3 butts, multiple rib racks, etc), BUT I refuse to give up my Akorn. Love it for quick grilling, searing steaks, etc. This spring I replaced my original cast iron grate with a stainless (I do lots of sauce on faster grilling sessions, especially with chicken and pork steaks and the stainless cleans so much easier). I will keep my Akorn going as long as I can and when it finally craps out completely I'll buy another. A note on the rust, mine has really quit rusting since I've been able to keep in our garage at our new house.
  5. Something I haven't seen mentioned in the thread, brine your turkey! Always.
  6. Thanks for the welcome gents. K-Ville- the bark was burned/very tough and dried out. Thinking some sort of diffuser will help.
  7. Hi all! Wanted to stop in and introduce myself. I just bought my first kamado style cooker- a Char-Griller Akorn from Lowe's- and am excited to dive in. I did a test run Sunday with a pork butt. Used Royal Oak lump charcoal and a chunk of cherry wood. I started the fire per the mfr's recommendations, closed up the cooker and brought it up to 235 over the next 30 minutes. Placed the butt on. I had a little bit of an issue keep the heat regulated swing between 200 and as far up as 310 at one point. I cooked it for about 9 1/2 hours, letting it rest for 30-40 minutes before pulling and serving. The bark turned out nearly inedible but the inside was juicy, moist, and deliscious. I'll be going through the Akorn section of the forum and reading about my unit and upgrades that should be made. Any obvious pointers would be welcome.
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