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  1. Hi all! This week I got a new Pit Boss from Costco to replace my 6 year old very worn out Akorn. A lot of great food has come from that Akorn and I'm looking forward to all of the great food to come off the Pit Boss. Doing my first brisket overnight for Easter dinner. I still have a bit to learn about this grill, but I have no complaints. I had planned to get a Big Joe, but the price on the Pit Boss was just SO much better. Happy Easter and enjoy the smoke!
  2. I don't have a picture, but you don't need an adapter. Slide the bottom vent over, then the fan goes in place, and slide the vent back over. Fits great. I know some have used felt to help seal, and after tomorrow, I may want to.
  3. After my first cook, I ran the CGK up to 400 from 225 using the Auber. (I opened the top vent from 0.75 to 2.0). It took about 10 minutes to get to 400 and once it reached that temp, the fan came on very infrequently to hold the 400 degree temperature over the next 30 minutes. I have no doubt that 500 degrees is an easy feat for the Auber. After doing an initial, "Let's see what this Baby can do, and holding temp at 210 for a hour", I opened the top vent to 2.5, set the temp for 550, and within 10 minutes, she was there and holding steady. Yeah, I would say it's capable of a lot more. I love mine and I am going for it tomorrow (provided it doesn't rain) and smoking a brisket.
  4. Hi all! I have been all over the place trying to figure out which PID to get for my grill. I really want a CyberQ, but just could not justify that price just yet. I decided on the Auber as others before me have shown how well it works on the Akorn, and the fantastic price point it comes in at. I look forward to a more controlled overnight cook very soon. To all those that have gone before me with the Auber, thank you for putting up your experiences!
  5. No doubt about it, we love our CGK. We are a great group. I do believe this issue should be in its own topic, where those that want to add or investigate can. Also, those that don't want to read it, don't have to. That is what I have asked, and been assured will happen. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me. If you do it on a Saturday, please ignore the beer and bbq!
  6. I use a Lodge CI skillet for our deep dish pizzas. Found that I need to heat the bottom up on the stove first for 5 minutes, but cooks fantastic pizza
  7. Yes, mine is anywhere from 50-75 colder than that of the Maverick. I don't even look at the dome anymore.
  8. I use my weed burner all the time on my Weber, and on the CGK when I want a big fire fast. I don't know how I lived without my torch!
  9. Your's looks fantastic! We have some more ideas to throw at the fatty and can't wait!
  10. Welcome, my fellow Iowan! What part of the state are you in? Dubuque here.
  11. I stuff mine as well now! I use a really cool product called the Burger Pocket Press. Here's a link to the review I did on it : http://www.bbqsaucereviews.com/review-of-the-burger-pocket-press/ Nothing beats a great stuffed burger! You can use so many different combinations of ingredients you can think of. 8-) I love it! Jay You are never going to believe this, but yes, I bought the Burger Pocket Press based on your review. We absolutely love it! Everyone had fun using them, and they work better than I hoped!
  12. Jay, I have a problem with your reviews. Every time I read them, I want something new! Great review from both you and Shawn, and while I wanted one of these before, I feel I NEED it now! Keep up the great reviews even though my wallet says otherwise!
  13. Mine from Lowe's had the Akorn logo on the box, and literature. Back on topic, I guess I am going to have to shell out the cash and get one of these stones.
  14. Hi Ken and welcome! We have a great group of people and once you fire that Akron, you are going to love it! I know I love mine. I would love to see pictures of your freezer smoker.
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