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  1. Tried this last night..its on my favorite list now..delicious!
  2. Made these and quickly became a favorite...have them cooking at this very moment....delicious
  3. is it direct or indirect cooking
  4. wish my lid didn't go back so far..im not very tall and it seems to go back so far its not an easy reach for the hancle..any ideas how to adjust/modify the hinge t keep it slightly ahead?
  5. i made this today with a slight tweak on the seasonings as i didnt have eeverything on hand...it turned out great
  6. we get charcoal at Costco also but its not el diablo...I like it though
  7. chose this model so I could try this type of cooking,my brother has a BGE.I wanted to know id like it before I put a lot of money into it.I don't think it will last along long time but should be comparable to gas bbqs of the same price point.As a result im hooked and will only upgrade from here.Unfortunately parts are not available where I live and and this model isn't sold here anymore although Home depot has a similar model
  8. i am having trouble nailing down a perfect chicken on the akorn...i had it worked out on my old gas grill(rip)
  9. i am having trouble nailing down the beer butt chicken..i can do it on gas bbq perfectly.first attempt was close,next one was burned outside but pink in places
  10. mine is new and after a few cooks the paint is faded like the heat has discolored it,not impressed but its not a big deal YET
  11. only thing ive noticed with mine is an air leak on the ash pan near the latch,Anyone have an idea of adjusting or improving this to stop the leak.Until my cover arrives i remove the ashpan so no water collects in it
  12. i believe walmart carries a universal cover in canada but only available online.Its the route i may go.Just got my akorn and hope to try it out this weekend
  13. what size of pan works best for a deflector?I can not get the char griller stone in my area
  14. HI All I am new to the kamado experience and currently shopping for one after my experiences with my brothers egg.Price is a consideration for me so can i get some opinions on the Akorn as a place to start please
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