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  1. i normally buy whole milk mozz also. If i'm making pizza i look for any that say "low moisture" also.
  2. can we see it in action? some video? some pizza pics?
  3. I'm pretty sure that you messed up the salt on purpose just so you'd have an excuse to make this again soon.
  4. i use whole wheat with some water and yeast and let it sit overnight as a preferment. Then, i use either AP or bread flour for the remainder of the dough. I think the whole wheat comes out to being about 20% of the flour i use in my recipe.
  5. The key is the sugar. If you have sugar of any kind in your dough, it'll burn quickly at and above 500 degrees. I make my dough with honey instead of sugar. And, it'll still brown/burn quickly. I normally cook it around 490-495.
  6. This is the one I got. Got it from BedBathandBeyond with a 20% off coupon. It is what I use exclusively for baking. Makes things so simple and consistent.
  7. What do you do when it's pizza night and one of your kids cannot have cow products? You make him pizza with goat cheese. And you shape it like Mickey ears so he feels special. This was about 80g of the normal pizza dough. And here is the pizza for the rest of us: My daughter is also bringing this to school today to talk about how she made pizza with Dad last night:
  8. If you want to make official Disney World Mickey Mouse waffles, use https://www.amazon.com/Golden-Malted-Pancake-Original-33-Ounce/dp/B000ILEMAU/ref=sr_1_2_s_it?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1483470789&sr=1-2&keywords=carbon's+golden+malted. This is what they use at WDW, allegedly.
  9. I haven't made meatloaf in a long time. But last night I had some leftover meatloaf from the in-laws. I put it between some homemade bread and made a really delicious meatloaf grilled cheese. Best use I have found yet for leftover meatloaf.
  10. I exclusively grate my own cheese. If you do switch to grating your own, make sure you get low moisture mozzarella. I have been using the Market Pantry, low moisture mozzarella ball for a while now. They also have the same brand in the shredded packets. You should give them a try if you have a Target close by.
  11. That looks delicious. I'd destroy that. I bet you could do these two things to help it hold better. 1. Refrigerate the dough. Roll it with the pin when it is cold. 2. Once the toppings are on and it is rolled, put it in the freezer for 30-45 minutes to firm up. Then slice it into the pinwheels.
  12. I would just email Char Griller. Based on my experiences, they'll probably just send you a new lid even though it was your fault. Their customer service is top notch.
  13. your gonna want to put some type of oil just prior to putting the ball down. I'd just throw a big fat piece of butter on there and then throw the ball right in it when it melts. as far as the griddle, it should have some instructions with it. It is probably preseasoned.
  14. And just to add to the conversation about temperatures, I'll give my environment. I'm in South Louisiana. So, it is warm and always humid. My kitchen normally hovers around 76-78 degrees during idle times. It is warmer than that when we are cooking in there.
  15. Saw some more activity yesterday. For a reference point, the starter is at the bottom of the tape after a dump and feed. Planning another dump and feed this afternoon/tonight. It's getting closer.
  16. Josey Baker's method is one that anyone can use because you only dump and feed every 2 or 3 days. That does two things. 1. Gives the starter time to do it's thing without you having to monitor it. 2. Gives someone some flexibility in that they don't have to watch for rising/falling and they don't have to adhere to a strict dumping/feeding schedule. So, it takes longer to turn into a good sourdough starter. If I was dumping and feeding every day, it wouldn't take 2 weeks. I agree.
  17. Yesterday was Day 9 and we've got activity: I did move away from Josey's proportions. His was something like 1 tablespoon of original starter, 120g water and 70g of whole wheat flour. I've moved to 70g of whole wheat flour and water. And, I'm not getting the hooch. So, I think I'm effectively feeding it now. I'm gonna keep this up until this weekend. Saturday will be the 14 day mark and I'll see where I'm at from there. Can't wait to move on in the book to a sourdough bread recipe.
  18. What is the appropriate way to discard/feed starter? Dump out the liquid prior to the discard? Stir up the liquid to reincorporate prior to the discard?
  19. If I move it down to 425 should I expect the length of the cook to increase significantly? And, I would imagine that I would continue to cook loaves even as I go on to the hearth adventures.
  20. I went ahead and made my first loaf of bread ever. I skipped JBB's first loaf as it seemed boring. So, I did the preferment this weekend Then mixed in the dough and let it sit in the fridge for a few days. I shaped it Monday night and then placed the dough in a greased loaf pan and put it in the fridge. Tuesday, the dough was removed at about 2:20 and sat on the counter to allow it to come to room temp. The oven was pre-heated to 475 for 20 minutes or so. I then cooked the dough for 20 with the foil tent and 20 without. Removed from pan and left to cool before slicing. Overall very happy with the texture and taste. My family of 5 ate about half of the loaf within about 10 minutes with some butter and honey. It was delicious outside of the burnt crust in more than a few places. My wife and kids are probably eating the rest as toast for breakfast as we speak. So, I'll see how they liked it in that fashion also. It is hard to see in these pictures but, the crust was burnt in a few places and was difficult to remove from the pan. I have more dough in the fridge that I'm letting sit for a few extra days to see the difference in taste (i did 2 loaves worth of dough). With the second batch I'm thinking of doing 2 things differently and want some feedback: 1. Not placing the dough back in the fridge once it is shaped and in the greased loaf pan. Hoping this will help with the sticking to the pan issues. 2. Reducing the temperature of the oven from 475 down to 450 to see if I can still get it dark brown without any burnt portions. Thoughts?
  21. Thanks Mewantkj. Will do. I recognize that you have some pretty extensive experience in this realm. Can you answer the previous poster's question on why I saw so much activity so early on in this process? I was pretty shocked to see bubbles and to see it double like that before 48 hours.
  22. This is a brand new starter. Whole wheat flour and water. Left on my kitchen counter. I just dumped most of it, kept about a tablespoon and fed it. One thing I've noticed about Josey's ratio is that it is very liquidy. Should I continue to add whole wheat flour until it is thick every time?
  23. i'd imagine that the 28% fat in the ground beef would disagree with your health assessment. But, they are delicious. My 5 and 3 year old were begging for more. I should have made some sweet potato fries to go with them and then entered the challenge. Oh well, maybe next time.
  24. Made a delicious lunch. mixed spinach and feta inside the ground beef. Seasoned outside of patties with pepper and garlic salt. toasted some sweet buns with garlic butter. Served with additional feta, avocado, bacon, and lettuce. So good.
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