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  1. Welcome. Amazing weather this past weekend. The vents take just a little practice, many say the top vent is used to fine tune your temp. Take some time and experiment. Enjoy.
  2. Welcome. This is a great place to learn and be inspired. Enjoy.
  3. Welcome. Let the fun begin.
  4. Welcome. Started my obsession with a vision classic b and have never looked back. Good luck with your purchase. The joetisserie may be my favorite accessory. .
  5. Welcome. I just use the stock vents, works well for me. Post some shots of your cooks.
  6. Congrats. Your summer is starting out well.
  7. That's some good looking chicken quarters. I like the looks of that diamond vision. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Glad it worked out well for you.
  9. Got one a few years ago for my gasser, works well.
  10. Been a while. Need to try it again. That looked awesome.
  11. You had me for a minute. I was thinking, who post something like this to a kamado forum Very Funny.
  12. Welcome. This is a great place to learn and be inspired. Enjoy and post often.
  13. Welcome. I found the curve pretty short. Stay with it, you will have a blast and eat some pretty fine food.
  14. Welcome. That diamond vision is a good lookin kamado. Enjoy.
  15. Congrats. Now hurry up and get that thing dirty.