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  1. Our biggest issue is salt.. The road commission uses a bunch of salt.. The chrome on the Sierra looked pretty rough this spring.. Took alot of polishing to remove the oxidization from the winter.. I grew up back east and I know what you mean about the salt. The best solution I've heard is on the days it's sunny and above freezing is to wash the chrome and reapply your wax or sealant. If you can do this once or twice in the winter it helps a little. I've heard people using Collonite 845 ( aka Insulator Wax ) with decent results. Good luck with this.. winter is brutal on vehicles.
  2. Klasse sealant has been around quite a while and was quite popular. A lot of new products have come to market but this still remains a solid contender. As others have stated, it needs to be applied THINLY! No sealant will truly last 12 months. If you take a car through the car wash in the winter the detergents they use will strip most everything you have on there anyway but it is still better than nothing. Sealants work best with prepped paint so if after you clay you can use a good paint cleaner it will adhere better. Out here in AZ it seems strange to be talking about winter prep but I guess in your neck of the woods it's right around the corner!
  3. Great looking ribs! Getting me motivated to head up to Costco to pick some up and use some of the rubs/sauces you used. Are you all settled in at your new house?
  4. Great job! You didn't waste any time getting that joe broken in at your new house. Those are some good lookin' cooks.
  5. Thanks for the explanation DerHusker - Now I understand it!
  6. DerHusker - I've been searching the help section on tags but don't quite get how to work it yet. Is tagging something I can do for a cook I like or is tagging something the author does? In other words, how do I go about tagging something and creating categories like what you stated above? thanks.
  7. I just went through the same learning curve as you may have seen from an earlier post of mine. I'm no expert but for me it seemed that you either go cheap like the accusharp or get one of the higher end sharpeners like John mentioned as the mid-range sharpeners don't do a whole letter better than the lower end ones. Or, learn to use a stone and sharpen by hand. Just for kicks, I just picked up the accusharp last week. I tried it on my cheap knives I've had laying around. It sharpened them but it sure took off a LOT of metal off doing it. I don't think I will use them on my Victorinox knives though. Just my opinion. There are others on the forum who know this topic really well. EDIT: I forgot about the Lanskey systems. they are reasonably priced and do a good job.
  8. We've been lucky here but other areas fairly close have gotten slammed. Monsoon season is definitely here.
  9. To everyone responding to CamelbackJoe's post - I don't want to divert too much attention away other than to give a "huge thanks" to all that have posted on this rib topic. I'm still amazed on how willing everyone on this forum is to help newbies through the learning curve. It would've taken years of trial error to learn what I've learned in just a month here. thanks again.
  10. Thanks S60 for asking the question I was afraid to ask. I'm a newbie and the different types of ribs has me a little confused. I'm thinking other newbies might benefit from a quick primer from some the experienced members here on the different types of ribs and which ones are the best for kamado cooking. Hate to sound like such an idiot but when I go to the store I'm not sure what I should be buying. thanks.
  11. CamelbackJoe - Don't be afraid of messing up the ribs. From what I can gather, if you go low and slow they tend to turn out well. I never cooked ribs before and tried it a few weeks ago. Bought the ribs from Costco and did a quick google search to get a recipe. I felt like I had no clue what I was doing. Aside from using a rub that I didn't know was super hot, they were extremely good tasting. I did foil for an hour. Just check my post on it if you want to see the details. You can sometimes get info overload on the ways to cook ribs so just take a deep breath and start out with a method that makes sense to you and is relatively simple..... Something tells me your KJ is going to be getting a serious workout once you get moved in!
  12. Only two weeks to go CamelbackJoe! - Have your first cook planned out?
  13. Thanks CamelbackJoe. - We are sure looking forward to the cooler weather to enjoy it more. Nope, no outdoor speakers yet. Looking to do Sonos under covered area. Need to check into outdoor wireless speakers for the outer part of the yard. Cooking small appetizers for friends tonight and then searing the tuna but it sure is hot out so we'll be in the pool during the cook. BTW, still have the RO sitting in your den?
  14. So my wife helped me create a whole new "cooking zone". It's actually not too bad other than it's far from the house. If I get any more complaints I'm not going to worry about it. We'll see how it goes as this may end up being where we build our BBQ island hangout. Hope to get a cook in tonight as wife said seared ahi tuna sounded good.
  15. Kara - you continue to outdo yourself. Outstanding job you are doing on these cooks!
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