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  1. I use a plastic charcoal tote from Kingsford. I pour the charcoal into it when I buy a new bag and store the tote in my utility room. Its warm and dry there. Works great for pouring charcoal into my grill.
  2. I finally had a chance to try my Auber again last weekend with a beef brisket. I cooked it at 250 degrees with the temp probe clamped to the cooking grate. It was a relatively small brisket about 4 lbs or so of flat. Brought it up to temp and cooked the brisket to 150 degrees. Then wrapped in foil for final cook to 200 degrees internal. Wrapped it in towels and set it in a cooler to rest for about an hour or so. Lots of juices in the foil when I took the brisket out. Made a quick rue and used juices for a smoky gravy. Wife loved it. :D Auber performed well even with a little wind. I tried to keep the Akron out of the wind. Temp drifted about +/- 6 degrees. Plenty good control for me. The brisket didn't seem to care either...... :D
  3. Very nice work. Professional looking. Thanks for the additional pics.
  4. clipped to the grate, next to the food. That makes a lot of sense. Since the cast iron will not cool off as quickly as the air temp in the dome next to the thermometer it will probably dampen for better control and less temp swings. I will have to give it another shot. Thanks!
  5. Mine is a 6 cfm model too. There was wind that day and I did move the Akron out of the sun. Where do you measure the temp? I had mine clipped to the thermometer stem in the dome.
  6. I tried the new settings in my Auber this weekend and found the control to be just fine. I cooked three slabs of ribs followed by some chicken wings and legs. Ribs were overdone and chicken underdone. Here's what I did find: The Akorn burns a lot of charcoal with the fan in place. Not sure why but I had a mix of lump and briquettes and I had to reload before I did chicken. My theory is the fan creates a superheated air effect and forces more heat out the vent than normal convection would. Thus using more charcoal. Overall I have to say it does work, but I had cooked on my Akorn for 3 months without a single problem and now food is overcooked and undercooked. I'll stick with my manual temp control and keep the Auber for overnight cooks. I don't think I'd buy one again, not because it doesn't work but because I just don't need one. PS. I built my own electric smoker PID for my Brinkmann so I have a little background in this stuff.
  7. Living in North Carolina ourselves for the past 26 years we have developed a taste for collard greens as well. It's a New Years day ritual at our home. Collard Greens, Black Eyed Peas and Corn Bread. We have the collard greens throughout the year as well and really enjoy them.
  8. I find it amazing but not surprising that people immediately look to incriminate the manufacturer for their actions. Unfortunately it is just another example of the "its not my fault" world we live in. Seems to me the parents should have done a little more butt kicking when some people were younger to help them understand that they are responsible for their own actions instead of coddling them and throwing money at everything.
  9. Sweet Potatoe Wedges and Guiness Onions (Thanks John!) This past weekend I made the Charcoal Basket for high heat cooking from the design that John made. It worked great. You can see the coals on the left side of the picture. Having the high heat available for searing and the indirect on the side as needed is awesome. First I cooked up a big sweet potatoe by cutting it into six wedges. Tossed them in olive oil, salt and pepper. Put them over high heat on the second rack for 10-15 minutes. Caution here. They will burn fast. Then moved them to the indirect heat where they finished. Crispy on the outside and sweet and soft on the inside. Total time 30-40 minutes. Then I made the Guiness Onions recipe from Man Cave Meals. Here's what I did: 1) Put some olive oil in a cast iron skillet and put it on the coals for 5-6 minutes. 2) Added the onions and sauteed for 12-15 minutes. Turning every few minutes. 3) Added a bottle of Guiness, a 1/2 cup of brown sugar and some BBQ seasoning (1/2 tsp) Let the onions simmer in the liquid while it reduces until syrupy. Pulled the pan off the heat once it reduced. The cast iron will stay plenty hot. Last I cooked the bison burgers. Didn't get pics of the burgers but they cooked up great with the high heat and indirect setup using the charcoal basket. Covered mine with some blue cheese and cheddar for my wife. I moved the burgers off of the high heat and onto the indirect side for the cheese to melt. Spooned the onions and syrup over the burgers. This stuff is like candy. Wife said it would be incredible on steaks too. :D Woohoo! Thanks John!
  10. I did the same thing. RTV the slits in the body by the #`s. And felt behind the slider door . My temp control is awesome now. Did a venison roast Sunday night to a perfect 140 degrees. Akorn temp was 275 on the button.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Guess since I have been cooking only pork and pizza to date the need to re-season the grate wasn't obvious since the pork seems to do it all by itself:-)!
  12. I use this stuff on my wife's Lexus SC430 seals. Hardtop convertible. Lots of seals. Best product on the market!
  13. Not sure what everyone is getting at with this setup. I have cooked,cleaned and cooked again over and over on my cast iron Akorn grate. I have cooked pizza three times now with no poor results due the Akorn. No doubt my pizza dough rolling need some work.... What is wrong with using the cast iron Akorn grate? I just don't get the need for a separate grate and more hardware....
  14. Add a hole in the dome on the top/back so a bulkhead fitting can be installed to insert a thermocouple for the PID controllers. This would allow the option of controlling the temp without having to place the thermocouple on the grate with the food. I did this on my Brinkmann electric smoker when I built my own PID controller 10 years ago. It works great and keeps the thermocouple out of the way of food.
  15. Thanks. I have an Auber and it was sloppy at best. Will load the new parameters and see if I can be swayed. Since I have sealed the Akorn I have not needed much in the way of a PID controller.
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