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  1. No it's on ceramic feet and that's on wood.
  2. I've had the grill for a long time and have been very happy with it, but I could use a couple parts. I emailed using the contact info on the web site back in august to see if they had the parts I needed. It took 2 weeks to get a response but they said to just use the web store. Not very confident about ordering from a company that takes 2 weeks to respond to an email, but there is nowhere else I could possibly get the parts. So I ordered what I needed and the credit card was billed. Waited a week and the status of the order never changed. I emailed, no response. I called, left message, no return call. been 2 weeks now. I'm not sure if they are in business or not at this point. Just an FYI.
  3. Yes, poured concrete for the countertop. It came out ok, set faster than I would have preffered. Used acid stain for the color.
  4. Thanks, was tired of not having enough room cooking outside and always going back and forth to the kitchen. Building it was a fun summer project.
  5. smoke&awe, domestic duck is very fat, and of course nothing goes with fat like smoke. in fact fat enough that you want to poke some pin holes in the skin so some of the fat drains off. I smoke it indirect then bring the heat up to crisp the skin toward the end.
  6. Smoked duck in general is darn good, on the kamado it is fabulous.
  7. I wanted a burner mostly just to keep things warm when cooking multiple things, without having to take them in the house. I really didn't want to shell out a bunch of money, didn't want to take up a bunch of space and wanted it to be easy to put away and store. I found a little Coleman Brand single burner butane stove at Walmart for just $20 bucks, the cans of butane are $2. I didn't need much and I really didn't expect much. But I've been pleasantly surprised. The thing is very easy to use, puts out a bunch of heat, and adjust to a wider range of flame than I'm used to in a camp stove. I've used it much more than I really intended. Today it brought a 2gallon pan of water to boil for ear corn in short order. The location I use it is protected from the wind, but by the design of it I think wind would be its downfall. http://www.walmart.com/msharbor/ip/Coleman-Camp-Bistro-1-Burner-Butane/34761205
  8. thanks for the Lowes tip I did the same yesterday and got a couple bags
  9. saw that at Kroger's, $179, was hoping the wife didn't see it, as I paid much more than that for ceramic.
  10. PORSABLADE diamond tile jig saw blades tile cutteā€¦:
  11. Yep, there aren't allot of things more fun than that. Some of my fondest fishing memories are of dancing a big Zara spook through the grass and having the water explode.
  12. Walleye is great, but the best is the one that's biting.
  13. Strange, i m in the same boat this evening without the wife and kids, but you were more ambitious than me. Just steak and beer for this bachelor.
  14. Filleted to remove the pesky bones northern pike is pretty good. Covered with a little olive oil, some acho based rub, grilled up, thrown in a tortilla with some sauteed cabage , onion and sauce made a pretty good dinner.
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